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Andy Belanger AKA Bob Anger on Adapting Psycho Goreman for Comics

by Zak Ralph

via PSYCHO GOREMAN on Kickstarter

“Holy shit, this movie is so good! I have to be the guy that does the comic books for this.”

-Andy Belanger/The Animal Bob Anger on Psycho Goreman

On September 28th, graphic novelist Andy Belanger – known in the ring as The Animal Bob Anger – launched his third Kickstarter since October of last year. The Kickstarter is crowdfunding a comic book, and much like the first two, it was funded in a matter of hours. This wasn’t a big surprise to Bob and his team at Lethal Comics. The comic explores the world of Psycho Goreman, a horror-comedy film with a growing cult following. Trailer.

Hunky Boys and Horror Movies: An Interview With PSYCHO GOREMAN  Writer/Director Steven Kostanski - Cinepunx
via Psycho Goreman on Facebook

Like many cult films, Bob would first hear about Psycho Goreman through word of mouth, referred to him by the team behind Dark Side Of The Ring directors Jason Eisner and Evan Husney – but finding Psycho Goreman was no easy task. “I had a real time hard time finding it in January. In Canada, it was impossible, even though it’s a Canadian production, it was like impossible to find this movie. I tried everything and nothing would allow me to play it up here was only available in the US.” Finally, the film would be released in Canada via Apple and migrating to their horror platform Shudder.

For Bob, it was worth the wait.

Smark & Friends with Bob “Animal” Anger premieres on Thursday

“I don’t think I’ve liked a movie as much as Psycho Goreman since Fury Road. I was just immediately blown away. I ended up watching it back to back two times in a row. I watched it, I was blown away, watch it again immediately. I was like, holy shit, this movie is so good.” After repeat viewings, Psycho Goreman would become a muse. “I have to be the guy that does the comic books for this.

From there, it was a matter of reaching out to the filmmakers Steven Kotanski, Stuart F Andrews and Peter Kuplowsky with the right pitch. All of which was accomplished swiftly through Bob’s network and workshopping the pitch with colleagues. “So I put together a pitch deck for it and they went for it and now here we are! We’re two days into the Kickstarter campaign. We’re at 35,000 bucks.”

Smark & Friends with Bob “Animal” Anger premieres Thursday on Love Wrestling’s Twitch channel

Please credit Zak Ralph with any of the above highlights and transcriptions. Thank you!

Psycho Goreman from Lethal Comics on Kickstarter
Lethal Comics

S&F #73 | The Luchador Podcast

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