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Bully Ray Does Not Like Hockey, You Guys

by Spencer Love

Hockey players are universally renowned for their toughness. However, this week that toughness was tested a lil’ more than usual with a pair of interactions featuring some NHL legends and current IMPACT star Bully Ray.

Last Friday at IMPACT’s latest pay-per-view, Sacrifice, Bully Ray was in the midst of an ironically-titled Busted Open match with his long-time rival and radio co-host Tommy Dreamer. After noting that McCarty was in the crowd, Ray made a point to verbally lambast the former NHL star, even going so far as to throw a beer in his face. Incensed, the four-time Stanely Cup Champion entered the ring, engaging in a hockey fight with the former IMPACT Champion. Unfortunately, Bully Ray – along with his accomplices, The Good Hands – were able to gain the upper, ugh, hand and put the Red Wings icon through a table.

McCarty, along with Tommy Dreamer and Yuya Uemura, are scheduled to take on Ray and the Good Hands on April 6th at IMPACT’s Sacrifice: Fallout event.

After his dismantling of the former Detroit Red Wings brawler, Bully Ray found himself caught in the crosshairs of yet another of the NHL’s legendary enforcers.

Big Georges Comes a-Callin’

However, that wasn’t the end of Ray’s beef with NHL players. Quote-tweeting a clip of McCarty’s interference, Ray said simply:

Never was a Hockey fan. Bunch of fake tough guys.

This awoke the ire of former Edmonton Oilers star Georges Laraque, who was quick to challenge the wrestling legend to a bout of fisticuffs, as it were.

Though Ray noted that he was not familiar with Laraque, Big Georges has a special place in the heart of hockey fans. Through his 13-year NHL career, Laraque earned his reputation as one of the most feared fighters of all time. Through his time with the Edmonton Oilers, Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Montréal Canadiens, Laraque amassed over 130 fighting majors, with this writer feeling confident as heck calling most of ’em wins.

There’s been no word on whether this interaction will amount to a match, dear reader, but ya best believe we’re hoping!

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