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Smark & Friends #74 | Psycho Goreman with Animal Bob Anger

by Zak Ralph
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Usually, we put a bit of breathing room between return appearances – but it’s not our fault Bob Anger keeps doing cool sh-t! The Animal returns to discuss the launch of Psycho Goreman, the upcoming comics magazine based on the horror-comedy with a growing cult following. Lethal Comics was able to fund the book through Kickstarter within the first day, allowing them to feature 25 artists and writers all eager to explore the world of PG.

Our focus is on the project and how it came to be, but we’d be remiss not to discuss Anger’s in-ring exploits. From getting Tonya Harding-ed at IWS, his boiling rivalry with the returning Shayne Hawke (who is also one of Bob’s best friends), and joining Mike Bailey for Friday Night Speedball on Twitch. Smark & Friends is available through Love Wrestling’s Podbean and other major podcatchers.

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