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Spencer Love Interviews: Bianca Carelli

by Spencer Love
Bianca Carelli Interview Cover

Bianca Carelli joins Spencer Love to discuss her 2019 WWE Tryout, cutting promos in OVW at ten years old, the pressures of being a 2nd-generation star, her experience as a pageant queen, and more!


The Ontarian independent scene

 “Well, we definitely have a lot of talented people, especially females. What I really like is just the hunger that they all have, and the stuff they do is amazing. I always – you know, I’m an Instagrammer. So, I’m always looking at clips and I’m like, ‘wow, that’s sweet! Wow, that’s sweet.’ I do want shows to come back on. I want an opportunity to wrestle with more of these girls like Jody, like Alexia. I’ve had I think just one match with Alexia, and honestly, in that one match, I think it was my fourth match, I learned so much! These are great opportunities for me to be like a sponge and absorb all that I can and they’re talented. They’re out there making names for themselves, and a lot of the guys, too. Awesome. Like, Fuerza, Holden, I know you mentioned them, they’re great. A lot of my Battle Arts friends are awesome, too. Maybe they haven’t tapped in so much to the independent scene, but they have the makings of future superstars. That’s the thing with wrestling is like, locally in Ontario there’s going to be all kinds of people who wrestle with all different styles and been all different places. Just like [how] across Canada, there’s different wrestlers, different trainers. Across the world, there’s different trainers, and wrestlers, different styles. That’s one thing that I feel like is so exciting about wrestling, is that you can take so much in so many different people. You can mix it all together. You can really make it your own to the point that okay, maybe you’re doing like Ricky Steamboats arm drags, but at the end of the day, that’s just one little piece. There’s a million other things that you can learn from, take from, and every wrestler ends up being quite unique that I find.”

What differentiates her dad as a trainer

“That’s cool. I like that question. Because, obviously my dad’s always been hilarious. He’s a funny guy. And so, for him to have a character that really shows off how funny he really is, I really appreciate that. That’s what makes him kind of different, maybe, than other wrestlers is that he’s great on the mic, he’s charismatic, he’s fun. As much as Santino’s goofy, it’s really similar to my actual dad, Anthony. Anthony and Santino are very similar. But, at the same time, my dad’s been an athlete his whole life. Wrestling, Judo football, he was on the Canadian national team. He’s gone across the world with judo. He’s an athlete, and he’s a fast learner. He trained under Rip, right, so he has great psychology. When he was at OVW, his character was actually a Russian guy, and his fight style was more like Sambo, badass, and he was great at that, too.That’s one thing that’s really good about my dad is he’s versatile, and he’s naturally a talented athlete. I mean, I wouldn’t say that he didn’t – like, maybe his wrestling style was overlooked. Maybe by fans who have an untrained eye and can’t actually realize how fluid he is. How awesome he is. His arm drags, his hip tosses, everything. Even the way he takes moves is so well executed. He’s well trained, he’s a good athlete and I’m happy to learn from him. Not just as his daughter, but just in terms of the knowledge that he offers as a coach. It’s unbelievable knowledge.”


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