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Spencer Love Interviews: Hot Sauce Tracy Williams

by Spencer Love

Foundation member and Ring of Honor star Hot Sauce Tracy Williams joins Spencer Love to chat about his experience with ROH, facing off against VLNCE UNLTD, the ROH Women’s Division, Rhett Titus, the PWI500, nicknames, favourite hot sauces, and more!


On the Ring of Honor Women’s Division:

“It’s great. I think Rok-C is a great first champion, because she kind of reminds me of the old Ring of Honor in the way where she’s somebody who is going to go all around the world and keep building her career as she continues to do independent promotions and carry the Ring of Honor flag everywhere she goes. She’s even defending that Ring of Honor Women’s Championship on these outside shows, which I think is great.”

“It’s giving opportunities to people who haven’t had the opportunity to come into the Ring of Honor to now get that spotlight on them and get those eyes on them where the powers that be are looking at these title matches and seeing all these new faces really stepping up. I think that that’s really great. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m waiting to see the first women’s pure wrestling match in Ring of Honor. I think that we’ve got to be the place to do that, and I think it’s only a matter of time.”

The Foundation’s addition of Chris Ridgeway

“It’s an exciting development, I think. I know I agree with Gresham on this that we don’t see The Foundation as just a faction in Ring of Honor. We know that if we’re going to stand by our ideals and our vision of wrestling that we want to find the people all across the world who agree with that, and get the most power and most momentum behind that we can. So, to now see that coming into fruition and seeing people from all over, not just in Ring of Honor, being welcomed in and being acknowledged as people who can carry that flag and represent what The Foundation is all about is super exciting.”

“I think Chris Ridgeway is a great example of that. He’s a great first step in that process, and I’m just excited to see who else pops up, and who else we can make connections with, and share those ideas between each other and all that. It’s exciting. It’s definitely exciting.”


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