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Spencer Love Interviews: Jeff Jarrett

by Spencer Love
Jeff Jarrett Interview Love Wrestling

Multi-time Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett joins Spencer Love to discuss his new podcast, My World, CM Punk’s potential return, Owen Hart, Chyna, working with Larry the Cable Guy, his positive outlook, and more! 


Working as Larry the Cable Guy’s wrestling coordinator

JJ: “Blue Collar Comedy! That was a lot of fun. Just the different opportunities that come out of being around this business. I did a cameo in Spring Breakers. My kids are Selena Gomez fans, and we go and Spring Breakers was NOT a Disney movie if you’ve ever seen that.”

SL: “To say the least!” 

JJ: “When you look at that, or Blue Collar Comedy, Life with Mikey, Head of State with Chris Rock, all the different kinds of movies and TV shows and opportunities. Traveling over to Abu Dhabi and eating a meal with the royal family. Just the opportunities, literally, it’s just crazy, sort of the life I’ve been blessed with. Blue Collar Comedy [and] Larry the Cable Guy, that is one – I can say this, he’s as funny off-camera as he is on.”

CM Punk’s potential return

“You know, Punk, as a performer or promoter [what] I’m most excited about is [that] to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder pretty much goes for everyone. In this type of scenario, it’s been a minute since he’s stepped into the world of professional wrestling with people. [He did] the UFC and that, but him reentering the industry and yes, he did some FOX stuff, but I mean, what you’re tabling here? It’s gonna be a special moment because not many times do you see a guy that rose to his heights that dipped out and is now returning.”

“The curiosity factor alone is through the roof, and then, it is how’s it going to be done? [How’s] the timing going to be done? Who’s going to be that first opponent? How’s the crowd going to accept him, or his opponent, or the story? Just all those kinds of things. And then, when I put on my executive producer cap, you start thinking.”

“I mean, it’s one of those things, and I went into this couple of weeks ago on the podcast, our industry is so cool, and I think it’s one of the biggest things that attracts me. 52 weeks a year, and look, yes, I saw somebody said people need time off. I agree. But, the content being produced 52 weeks a year is fantastic. There’s always next week. So, what’s happening next week, is Punk coming next week, or the following week, or the following week? No matter what happens, we’re all gonna sit back and either praise it or whatever it may be. But, then, there’s going to be the next week, and then the next week. That’s kind of really cool. I’m excited. Like I said just a second ago, the business in so many ways, is super red hot. I couldn’t be more excited.”


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