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Spencer Love Interviews: Kaci Lennox

by Spencer Love

Kaci Lennox joins Spencer Love for the first time to chat about training with DVon Dudley, AEW Dark, this year’s Royal Rumble, her time with MLW, Billie Kay and more!



Kaci Lennox – Highlights & Links

Where she’s grown as a pro wrestler

SL: “You mentioned growing as a person, but as far as professional wrestling goes, number one, I just don’t think people realize how long you’ve actually been wrestling for. It’s about 10 years, right? Since that point where you would have first stepped in the ring. You know, obviously the experience of getting in the ring and getting your reps in would just improve you overall. But as a pro wrestler, where do you maybe find you’ve changed the most or grown the most in your time as a pro wrestler itself?”

KL: “So I will definitely say, I feel like I have been in wrestling for 10 years. But like, when I think about that five year hiatus that I took, I’m like, ‘have I really been in wrestling for 10 years?'”

SL: “Is it cumulative, or do you just go by the days?”

KL: “How many injuries did I have to take off, blah blah blah. But, I definitely feel like I’ve grown in the aspect of being more confident in myself. Back then, and even when I started in 2016, I was so unsure, and I wanted to do everything by the book, and everything had to be called out and like, if one thing got messed up in a match, then I would totally freak out and go all deer in headlights. So that is definitely where I feel like I have progressed the most. Just being confident and confident in the ring. Knowing that I know what to do if one thing gets messed up, or if somebody slips, or anything crazy like that. Just knowing that I am capable of working around it. I feel like that’s where.”

Kaci Lennox – Highlights & Links

Her opportunity on AEW Dark (16:23)

SL: “I think Myron Reed’s a perfect example of that in that before I started watching MLW, I had frankly just never heard of him. Then, you start watching every week and, well, he’s a match I look forward to every single time he’s on a card. It’s a nice parallel as well, because AEW Dark, I think, is starting to do a lot of that same thing. Maybe it’s not the same comparison in that nobody’s had TV experience at that point: you had, [and] a lot of other individuals who have wrestled on Dark have to this point. But tell me maybe how that experience came about? Was it through D-Von? Because you see his kids there now, and maybe there’s that natural connection, right? But how did your experience on AEW Dark happened for Kaci Lennox?”

KL: “So I actually was messaged by somebody who works in the company, and essentially, they were just like, ‘hey, do you want to come in and do some work for us?’ Of course, I’m not gonna turn it down.”

SL: “’No, sorry, I’ve got something to do that day.'”

KL: “I know, I’m busy. I actually was! I did have an appointment. Because now what they’re doing is I believe they’re still taping two days a week. If they’re not, they were just doing it for the holidays so people could spend time with family, which is nice. I actually could not make the Wednesday taping, which was the live Dynamite. So I could only make it that Thursday. So I actually was busy!”

SL: “You big-leagued them!”

KL: “I know! But, I was messaged by somebody who worked there and he was like, ‘do you want to come in?’ And, of course, I said, yeah. We had to just fill out all the information and get a COVID test. And then, they COVID test you when you get there. I didn’t know anything that I was doing. QT had the match card, I was facing Ivelisse, and that is what you guys got! We actually were the last match of the night. We went on at like three o’clock in the morning. It was cold! That was the that was one of the weeks that it was like freezing. It was like 30 degrees.”

SL: “Have fun!”

KL: “But it was totally fine. And I’m glad that I got to wrestle with Ivelisse, because she is one of my former trainers. She knows what I’m capable of. She knows that even if I’m like, ‘I can’t do it,’ she literally knows that I can. She believes in me more than I believe in my own self, and a lot of that stuff that I did in the match was actually the first time that I had ever done it in a match. Like I’ve done it at training. Crazy, right? Who does Who does that? Kaci does that! I mean, I’ve done it in training and stuff like that, but I had never actually done some of those moves in matches. So yeah, I’m thankful that I had somebody like Ivelisse to kind of lead the way and have that faith in me. So yeah, hopefully I go back. Fingers crossed! Double fingers crossed!”

SL: “Absolutely! Well, I will do whatever I can in my own small non-ability-to politick-ways to make it happen. But was gonna say it must have made it that much easier for you to have the opportunity to get in there with someone you had wrestled before [to] sort of take that little bit of pressure off, hey? Good good good!”

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