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Spencer Love Interviews: Masha Slamovich

by Spencer Love

Masha Slamovich joins Spencer Love to discuss her AEW Dark debut, her impending appearance for the NWA, the Dynamite Kid, her time in Canada, wrestling in her hometown of Moscow, Sam Leterna, and more!

Spencer Love Interviews Masha Slamovich

Her match on AEW Dark & her opponent, Penelope Ford

“You know, it was a really incredible experience. I didn’t really know what was coming and it totally caught me by surprise. I had a day and a half, two days notice about it, so I didn’t know as much as the rest of y’all didn’t know! I tried to keep it real quiet, went and did it and when it happened, it blew up. It was really great. Just being there and experiencing AEW and actually going out there and wrestling was really awesome. I certainly hope for more of that in the future.”


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