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Spencer Love Interviews: Rhett Titus

by Spencer Love

Just prior to the 500th episode of Ring of Honor Television, Rhett Titus joins Spencer Love to talk about historic moments in ROH history, his own beginnings with the program, being a part of a training class of two people, standout moments from Ring of Honor’s TV program and more!


The backstage culture of ROH

SL: “Very cool. I know it’s jumping ahead a little bit, but it’s a casual conversation! How do you think you’ve maybe affected or how has the culture, I guess to use the buzzword for it, changed from your starting Ring of Honor to now? The wrestling product’s always been there. I don’t think many people would argue that. But, even interviews you’ve done with guys like Sean Ross Sapp, you’ve talked about it being apples and oranges now. So maybe take me a little bit through the history of those growing apples versus growing oranges.”

RT: “Yeah, no, it’s one of those things where everybody, like, kind of looks to me as like a veteran of the locker room and to me, it’s like, man, these 15 years just went by so quick. I’m still a hungry dude just trying to trying to get comfortable, you know what I mean? But, you can never get comfortable, because everything is always changing and there’s always new guys coming up and keeping you on your toes and that sort of thing. But for right now? Ring of Honor, man, I have to say it’s the best it’s ever been. The product that we’re putting out right now is absolutely amazing even with the limitations that the pandemic has put on us. We brought back to the Pure title and pure rules and that sort of thing, and that’s something that you really got to focus on. It’s a different level of thinking of pro wrestling. Even when you’re watching at home, you’re watching, you’re saying like, ‘how many rope breaks does this guy left have left on your TV screen?’ Those sorts of things. You’ve really got to – you can’t just like casually watch it. There’s strategies to it, and there’s psychology behind it. You definitely want to sit and watch it with a fine eye. But I mean, everything from the presentation to the matches to the commentators – Ian and Caprice, they’re best duo going today. Ring of Honor is really firing on all cylinders right now, so to be part of it after all these years and continue to be a driving force in the company. It’s a absolute – you know, pardon the pun, but Honor.”


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