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Spencer Love Interviews: Shane Taylor

by Spencer Love
Shane Taylor Interview

Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor joins Spencer Love to chat about ROH’s upcoming Glory by Honor event, the mentality behind Shane Taylor promotions, pride in carrying the Six-Man Tag Team Championships, Ring of Honor broaching the Forbidden Door, and more!


The forced change of locations and wrestling at the 2300 Arena

“Man, everything is lining up the exact way that we wanted to. For a long time, the six-man titles for ROH were just that. They were just the six-man titles. With us, they are the Ring of Honor World Six-Man Tag Team Titles. We are so ready, so amped up, and so prepared to defend these titles and make these the championships that everybody is talking about and everybody is gunning for because that’s what they were supposed to be. Somewhere along that line, they lost their way. STP is working our asses off to make sure we bring that reputation right back.”

“Our opponents, you’re talking about Incoherence, Delirious, Frightmare, Hallowicked, and for us if they’re already bringing back legendary tag teams and legendary, true trios to try to take these off of us to us, that’s already a sign that we’re on the right track, right? That’s already a sign that we’re clearing out the divisions. That’s already a sign that we’re already chasing ghosts, so to speak. So, we’re looking forward to it. You got three guys who are unpredictable in nature, who are going to be absolutely crazy out there against three of the baddest dudes in all of professional wrestling. It’s going to be one hell of a fight.”

His World Television Championship run and how it parallels his current championship reign

“A little bit of both. I mean, I’m in a position where I know for a fact that people didn’t want me on this platform,. I know for a fact that they didn’t want me to have the success that I’m having. They didn’t want it to happen, they didn’t feel that it was good, they didn’t feel that it was something that we needed to promote. Yet, here I am. I take stuff like that personally. I already have a chip on my shoulder. That only makes it bigger. When you do that, to me, you give me all the incentive in the world to make you look stupid.”

“For me, it’s about proving it to those who didn’t want it to happen, but also proving it to those who’ve been supporting me from day one. I want to go out there and have the very best match possible, the very best fight possible, the match that everybody is leaving that building talking about. And, for the better part of the last four years. I feel as though when you’re making that list of who [has done] that in a talented roster like we have with some of the very best of all time in ROH, my name is at the top of that list, if not the top two or three. So, to be able to perform that way, to be able to be that consistent, to be able to not only do it myself, but elevate my guys with me, to have us all be on that same platform? To me, that’s what it’s all about, and any championship that I hold, to me, is the one that is the most important and is the one that everybody should be gunning for.”

“The things that I represent, I feel as though truly represent the spirit of ROH. The spirit of ROH when their mission statement was we’re the baddest here, come prove us wrong.”


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