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Alexia Nicole on Taylor Wilde’s Return, Potential Future Matchup

by Spencer Love

In 2011, Alexia Nicole began her wrestling career at Ontario’s Squared Circle Wrestling Academy under the tutelage of Rob Fuego and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling legend Taylor Wilde. Wilde, of course, recently made her return to the ring after a decade-long absence, and I had to ask the Bubblegum Princess about her former trainer’s return as part of our upcoming chat on Love Wrestling. Following some words about Josh Alexander, I asked her about her long-time compatriot.

“Someone else on the IMPACT end that I was really excited to ask you about: how cool is it to see Taylor Wilde back in the ring?”

Nicole beamed.

“Oh my god it’s so cool,” she exclaimed. “I’m so happy for her. It makes me happy to see her again, because the last time I saw her, she was training me when I was starting out. It’s really good to see, and she hasn’t missed a beat. That’s awesome. It’s just good to see her having fun, still killing it. It’s cool to see your trainer do things! Really cool.”

“How much do you guys keep in contact?” I asked Nicole of her former trainer. “Maybe graduation isn’t the right way to put wrestling school most wrestlers will continue to go to wrestling school, but how often do you guys keep in touch? How often do you pick her brain on your professional wrestling or otherwise?”

“We’re not talking constantly, but I’d say every few months we’ll just kind of check-in on each other [and] see what’s going on,” she explained. “Again, she’s my wrestling mother, essentially. She’ll give me advice, she’ll tell me what to do, if I have a question I can ask her, so that’s always great.”

“Have you guys ever had an official match?” I asked the Bubblegum Princess. “I’m certain you guys have locked up when you’re training and that sort of stuff, but ever had a one-on-one?”

Nicole laughed before giving her answer. “We have not and I’ve asked people to do it but no one’s gotten around to it yet!”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any of the above quotes and transcriptions.

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