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Amy Rose on Rok-C, Deonna Purrazzo, ROH Women’s Championship

by Spencer Love
Amy Rose Rok-C Deonna Purrazzo

The Ring of Honor Women’s Championship changed hands for the first time just over two weeks ago. On the January 10th edition of IMPACT, Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rok-C to become this edition of the Women’s Championship’s second-ever titleholder.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with the most decorated manager in Ring of Honor history, Amy Rose. Not only has Rose managed groups like LFI and individuals like Max the Impaler, but as one of the promotion’s longest-tenured stars, has a unique insight into the history of ROH’s women’s division. As part of our recent conversation, Rose gave us her thoughts on both Rok-C’s reign on top and the brand-new Women’s Champion, The Virtuosa.

On Deonna Purrazzo capturing the ROH Women’s Championship

“I think there’s a little bit of a bittersweet feeling there. I loved Rok-C’s reign [and thought that she did such a good job and is an absolutely incredible star. I think she really can be the future of pro wrestling. So, I was a little sad to see her lose. But, in that same respect, I’ve known Deonna for quite a while. I knew her when she was kind of already about to leave Ring of Honor. That was my first taste of meeting her [and] seeing her skills. To me, she was the best. She was one of the absolute best female wrestlers that I’ve ever had the privilege to see wrestle in front of me. She just has grown so much even since then. To see her now becoming our champion, it’s a huge deal. It’s insane to me that we have an IMPACT star as our Ring of Honor Women’s Champion, I couldn’t have ever guessed that that was gonna happen.”

Rok-C’s reign as champion

“I’m super proud of everything that she’s achieved. She’s so young, and it was such a big opportunity to be placed into, but I thought that she did such a great job as our champion. I’ve said it several times when people ask me, ‘Oh, what was your favorite match this year? What did you like?’ I thought that Miranda Alize and Rok-C had the best match of 2021. They crushed it. They made me incredibly proud to be part of the Ring of Honor women’s division.”

Tune in to the full interview with Amy Rose in the embedded link below. For those using quotes, please credit Love Wrestling with an h/t to Spencer Love.

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