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Amy Rose on ROH’s IMPACT Invasion, Max the Impaler

by Spencer Love

The past few months have certainly been *interesting* when it comes to Ring of Honor. Let’s make no bones about it: the unfortunate news of the promotion’s hiatus was a heartbreaker for both fans and talent alike. However, the past few months have trended far more positively, with the promotion announcing an April 1st return for Supercard of Honor.

More interestingly, a number of ROH talents have recently made their respective ways to IMPACT Wrestling, with Maria Kanellis-Bennett, the OGK, PCO, and Vincent all shockingly arriving a number of weeks ago as part of the Honor No More faction. Additionally, the IMPACT zone has been treated to appearances from Rok-C, Jonathan Gresham, and Kenny King.

Of course, speculation has run rampant through the IWC on who could potentially be the next to make the jump. With so many Ring of Honor affiliated talents already having moved over for the foreseeable future – and to steal a line from Big Bad Bill Goldberg – many are wondering “who’s next?”

I asked the most decorated manager in ROH history, Amy Rose, that question directly as part of our recent chat for Love Wrestling. Not only did we get the scoop on Rose potentially moving over, but on her client, Max the Impaler as well as working with Max themself.

On working with and managing Max the Impaler

“Max and LFI are very different from each other, but Max definitely drew my attention. The first time I ever saw Max, they just stood out over everyone. Max, to me, instantly just had star power. I felt that there was just something a little bit missing. Max was a little more reserved [and] kind of holding back. By figuring out, ‘hey, if I team up with you, I will bring out the best in you,’ I think that I’ve done that. Max has grown so much from that first time they appeared on Ring of Honor up until now. I think that they are absolutely dominating every single division that they’ve been a part of. So I’m super, super proud and I love working with Max.”

Ring of Honor’s invasion of IMPACT Wrestling

AR: “So I think it’s actually really exciting. Like I said, we’re taking kind of a pause right now, but it’s nice to see all my friends from Ring of Honor. You become so close to everyone on the roster, so it’s nice to see them keeping Ring of Honor alive and working in so many different places. Some people might not like what they’re doing at IMPACT and find it, like you said, to be a little bit dastardly, but I think it’s exciting. What better way to make an impact, right?”

AR: “As far as Max and I, we never know [what] the future might hold. We don’t know where we might end up. But hey, you know, I can’t say never! Never say never!”

Tune in to the full interview with Amy Rose in the embedded link below. For those using quotes, please credit Love Wrestling with an h/t to Spencer Love.

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