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Chelsea Green on RETRIBUTION Rumours

by Spencer Love

When I last spoke to Chelsea Green, she had yet to debut on Smackdown Live, nor had she appeared on WWE programming whatsoever since May. However, there were plenty of rumours that made the rounds through the internet wrestling community that she had made a few incognito appearances as part of RETRIBUTION’s fledgling days in WWE.

I asked her about those rumours as part of our interview, and lemme tell ya, I don’t know if I’ve heard a quicker ‘no’.

“No, people are totally lying with that!” she responded emphatically. “And, also, everybody said there was like pictures and they circled and said it was me. It was Jessi Kamea, I think, and it was Mercedes Martinez and, like, it was all these people that were not me!”

“I was sitting at home watching the internet blow up,” Green continued, “And still, people say ‘I know you were in RETRIBUTION,’ Or ‘I know you’re still in RETRIBUTION. You’re waiting to debut,’ and I’m like, ‘but I’m not?'”

“I’m like, ‘uhh,’ but it kind of kept me a little bit relevant through this weird time.”

“Well,” I asked her, “I was gonna say the silver lining to it is like, yeah, it’s probably annoying getting blown up in the notifications with it, but at least it does mean – at least in my opinion – that there are a lot more people than just myself and just the Pacific Northwest that want to see Chelsea Green back on TV, right?”

“Exactly,” she affirmed. “And I can’t complain about people talking about me. Isn’t that what we want? You know what I mean? That’s why we have social media, like that’s why people trend. You want people to be talking about you and if – I mean, is it a little bit frustrating to be sitting on my couch and everybody’s saying I’m on TV? Yes. But guess what? Keep thinking I’m on TV, and I’ll keep sitting on my couch.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used.

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