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Brian Pillman Jr Discuses Davey Boy Smith’s HOF Induction

by Spencer Love

One of the high points of professional wrestling this year is the impending WWE Hall of Fame induction of “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith. For years, Smith was regarded as one of the Hall of Fame’s biggest omissions, going so far as to inspire a petition that earned over 26,000 signatures. Currently, Smith’s son Davey Boy Smith Jr is a member of Major League Wrestling’s New Hart Foundation with fellow 2nd-generation star Brian Pillman Jr. 

Recently, Pillman Jr joined me to discuss The British Bulldog entering the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as his own father’s Hall of Fame induction.

The British Bulldog’s Hall of Fame Induction:

“That’s just the ultimate icing on the cake. To me, he’s so deserving of that honour and I could never imagine a world where he doesn’t get that award. To me, it’d be unreal for him to not receive that, and it’s just the absolute, utmost honour that you can frickin’ have. To be in the WWE Hall of Fame, I mean, that’s what people dream of after lifelong careers, and for that guy to have passed away the way he did and what it meant to his son to still carry on his legacy – like, his son rescued Bret Hart.”

“At that point, I was like ‘alright, he’d better get in the Hall of Fame now, because he just saved Bret Hart!”

His Dad not being inducted thus far:

“I think it’s just timing, and maybe they want to give my Dad his own time. Maybe they want to make it even more special for him, to give him a full-on induction into the Hall of Fame. I try not to be selfish with those things because I understand how show business works and I understand how this business works, so I’m never the guy to get upset at stuff like that.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used.

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