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Tyson Dux on Signing with WWE, Major Promotions

by Spencer Love

From 2002-2004, Canadian pro wrestling Tyson Dux made a number of appearances for the WWE, a theme that has continued throughout the years. Dux has appeared as recently as the promotion’s Cruiserweight Classic, and potentially had the opportunity to join them at numerous points throughout his career.

Recently, Dux joined me to discuss whether there was ever an offer to join the WWE and if he would take the opportunity to sign if it was offered at this point.

If there were any formal offers to join WWE:

“It was the day that I got hurt. I wrestled (Mark) Jindrak in April of ’04 – no, it was March. It was March of ’04 where I blew out my knee. I tore my ACL in half in my right knee, and that match there was – I talked to Stephanie McMahon before we were in catering. We were eating together, we were discussing moving and all this stuff because there was no NXT, there was no Orlando. It was you just you go to work or you go to OVW and then they bring you up right away. So I talked to Stephanie in the afternoon and then I talked to Johnny Ace (former WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis) just before I went out, and the word was, from Johnny Ace was like ‘finish up, get yourself done, and then we’ll talk after your match. Me and Stephanie will sit and we’ll talk about what the plans are.’ Sure enough, I blew out my knee that night. Dean Malenko actually helped me to the back, he knew I was really badly hurt. He pulled me to the back. Then, when I was sitting in with the trainer, Johnny Ace came and put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘hey man, we don’t know if you’ll be well. We can’t really – we honestly can’t hire you in this condition, so we’ll have to wait and see,’ and then that was just the window. The window was gone when I came back when I was healed up.”

If a major promotion is still the goal:

“I would never close the door, the window is always open to do a little bit of work wherever it comes from. I’m ready to go, and always ready both physically and mentally to work. I do, I’m not saying I won’t take any opportunities, but I really enjoy being a freelance guy. My school does well, I do well on the road, barring this virus thing. Nobody’s doing well on anything anymore right now, but I do okay. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, I’m still at peace with it.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used. 

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