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Jake Crist on Brodie Lee

by Spencer Love

The wrestling world was rocked on Boxing Day 2020 by the sudden passing of Brodie Lee (Jon Huber). Wrestlers, in-ring personalities, and fans alike were heartbroken to hear that the world had lost an individual that many had regarded as one of the greatest human beings in the business.

I asked Jake Crist about any memories of Lee he may have had as part of our recent chat, and what stood out to him about the former TNT Champion.

“My hearts crushed,” he began. “Obviously reading all the stories and the interviews and stuff and the tweets of the other brothers and professional wrestlers tweeting about how great he was. I happened to run into him here and there throughout our career, but as far as me knowing him, I really didn’t know the guy. I probably had maybe one conversation with him my whole entire career. So, our paths never really – they crossed, but when they did, they didn’t cross for that long. Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA – we never did any EVOLVE – but I think those were like the only two companies that our paths – Maybe 2CW in upstate New York.

“I never really knew him, but my heart is broken in a million pieces due to just how great of a guy that I hear that he was, and leaving his sons and wife behind is just – it’s crushing. It’s crushing. And the good ones do die young.”

While Lee’s exploits inside the ring were well worth highlighting, it was his standing as a family man and a father that has been front of mind for so many since his passing. That was a sentiment Crist echoed.

“It is heartbreaking,” Crist finished. “And just to hear on how great of a human being he was, it’s just, it just breaks your heart that much more. You know, I never had the pleasure of really sitting down and having a great conversation with him. But I wish I did. Hearing how great of a man he was, it seems like, you know, there’s a lot of similar stuff that was going on and happening with both of us, you know, with his wife getting pregnant. I found out when I was in upstate New York that I was having a second child. That’s kinda weird. But yeah, it’s – my heart’s out to his family.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used.

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