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Masha Slamovich on her AEW Dark Debut, Penelope Ford

by Spencer Love
Masha Slamovich AEW Dark

Last night’s edition of AEW Dark saw the first appearance of one of independent wrestling’s brightest stars, Masha Slamovich. Despite being only 23 years old, ‘Russian Dynamite’ is a well-traveled veteran of the squared circle and one of the indies’ most well-known names. Last night’s edition of Dark was certainly proof as to why, as despite losing to Penelope Ford, Slamovich looked right at home in the confines of an AEW ring.

As part of our upcoming chat for Love Wrestling, we discussed last night’s debut among a myriad of other subjects.

“You’re everywhere right now, including on – at the time of this recording – last night’s AEW Dark,” I commented to her near the beginning of our conversation. “What was it like for you to debut for the promotion, especially [with] the rumors out there and how exciting time it is for the promotion as a whole?”

Masha Slamovich on AEW Dark, Penelope Ford

“You know, it was a really incredible experience,” Slamovich began. “I didn’t really know what was coming and it totally caught me by surprise. I had a day and a half, two days notice about it, so I didn’t know as much as the rest of y’all didn’t know! I tried to keep it real quiet, went and did it and when it happened, it blew up. It was really great. Just being there and experiencing AEW and actually going out there and wrestling was really awesome. I certainly hope for more of that in the future.”

Penelope Ford

“It was really cool to see you square off with Penelope Ford as well because I’m a personal mark,” I laughed. “Let’s just use the wrestling term. I’m a huge fan of hers! What was it like stepping in the ring with her?”

“It was really great, because the last time we wrestled was, like, 2016, 2017,” replied Slamovich. “So, it’s been quite a few years since we shared the ring together. It was really awesome to do so on such a grand stage.

“Again, I had a great time wrestling her. I would totally do it again.”

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