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Masha Slamovich on NWA Empowerrr, Leyla Hirsch, Kamille

by Spencer Love

It’s a good time to be Masha Slamovich. After recently making her debut on AEW Dark, Russian Dynamite is set for yet another first-time appearance this weekend as she takes part in the NWA EMPOWERRR pay-per-view. The Mickie James-led project has had fans titillated since it’s announcement, and that excitement has only grown as the show has drawn nearer.

I asked Slamovich if she shared the wrestling world’s excitement for the upcoming event.

Masha Slamovich on Empowerrr, Leyla Hirsch, Kamille

“I am really, really excited,” Slamovich responded, “and like you said, this is not only a cool but also a historic event with having the first Invitational Cup [and] them bringing Mildred Burke’s title. I think it’s gonna be a really, really awesome weekend, especially with the anniversary of NWA also going down in two weeks at the Chase in St. Louis. I hope everybody has their eyes set on that.”

Given that Slamovich is one of the favourites to win the inaugural Women’s Invitational Cup, I had to follow up by asking about her two potential NWA73 opponents, Leyla Hirsch and Kamille.

“Now, let’s say you come out of the Women’s Invitational,” I commented. “As the winner, you get to face off with either Kamille or Legit Leyla Hirsch the next evening [at NWA73]. Have you had the opportunity to step into the ring with either of them? Maybe do you have a preference, a strategy for either? Or, are you just focusing on the match ahead and then maybe worried about the championship after?”

“Well, myself and Leyla Hirsch actually wrestled at Mission Pro back in March, I believe,” Slamovich answered. “Nobody won that match, it was actually a draw, so me and Layla are zero and zero at a time with each other. I would be more than happy to prove who the better Russian is at NWA the next night.”

“As for Kamille,” she mused, “I have not shared the ring with her. However, I’ve seen her work, and she’s quite impressive. I’m ready to be the next one to step up and give her a run for her money, give her a challenge.”

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