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Sam Leterna on Masha Slamovich

by Spencer Love

In any discussion about rising stars in professional wrestling, the names Masha Slamovich and Sam Leterna are sure to be mentioned. The pair have been making major impacts both inside and outside of the ring, respectively, throughout the pandemic, with Leterna earning a reputation as one of the industry’s top personalities, while Slamovich has become one of pro wrestling’s most well-travelled and feared competitors.

Not only are Slamovich and Leterna two of wrestling’s hottest prospects, but the two are good friends after years of training and working together. In recently having the good fortune to chat with Leterna for Love Wrestling, I had to ask the Camp Leapfrog showrunner about her long-time compatriot. After chatting briefly about Clara Mortensen, the muse behind Leterna’s last name, I did so.

“One other person that I did specifically want to ask you about [that’s] a little bit more current is Masha Slamovich,” I began. “Just tell me a little bit about her, because I know you guys are good friends, obviously, from your guys’ social media’s. But, she’s been a huge influence on you from again, your own social media.”

“So again, put somebody over, let’s take some time to talk about good people!”

“I will put Masha Slamovich over any day,” Leterna smiled. “She’s like, my best girlfriend in the industry. We began training together, actually, at Johnny Rodz in Brooklyn, New York. She trained maybe six months before or nine months before me. But [when] I came in, she was like the first girl I locked up with. She was really young at that time. She’s grown up a lot since then. I’m a couple of years older than Masha. But yeah, we kind of lost touch for a couple of years. But then, through a work opportunity that popped up, we wound up working together. I got her a job at a restaurant I was working at, and we got really close through that and started working out.”

Fear Masha Slamovich

As Leterna continued, she described Slamovich’s impact on not only her in-ring career but her current work as one of wrestling’s premier broadcasters and hosts.

“Then, she really helped me through the period where I wasn’t wrestling and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life at all, because I wasn’t involved with wrestling at that point at all. She kind of pushed me to continue on and see the value in what I do now and what I am good at and how I can apply that to wrestling. I’m really grateful to her for that. Since then, it’s been a crazy year. She’s returned from Japan, she’s doing amazing. She is the hardest working woman in wrestling, honestly. On the indies for sure. She trains every day, two times a day. She does Brazilian jujitsu, or MMA, whatever the case not entirely sure, and she killed my legs yesterday at the gym.”

Leterna laughed before concluding.

“That lady goes in and – fear Masha Slamovich because she’s a force to be reckoned with. But yeah, that’s my put-over of Masha, and we always have good times when we go to Texas together.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any of the above quotes & transcriptions.

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