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Shane Taylor on Ring of Honor Opening the Forbidden Door

by Spencer Love

If you hadn’t heard, the so-called Forbidden Door is a popular topic amongst wrestling fans. Since All Elite Wrestling popularized the phrase in the midst of Kenny Omega’s AEW Championship win, the prospect of cross-promotional matches and companies working together has been front of mind for any and all fans of the sport.

Of course, in having the opportunity to chat with Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor yesterday, I had to ask about the potential of ROH getting involved in the fray.

“You’ve got a pay-per-view stretching two nights. You’ve got a capacity crowd. Ring of Honor has been sending out some fairly interesting posts on social media about the Forbidden Door maybe opening,” I mused.

“Is there maybe anybody out there, any trios or anybody individually, that maybe Shane Taylor would like to step across the squared circle from sooner rather than later?”

Shane Taylor on ROH Opening the Forbidden Door

Taylor was quick to answer.

“Any and every trio could get it,” he stated emphatically. “A lot of people have been tucked away behind borders or in other countries kind of just holding on to trios titles. They’re not doing the things with those titles that we’re doing with ours. So, if people want a unification fight to see who the greatest trio is in the world of professional wrestling, I welcome it.”

However, though Taylor and his fellow members of STP are more than eager to step into the ring with anyone and everyone, the partnership has to be something that benefits Ring of Honor in the long-term, he explained.

“I welcome anything, any partnership, that’s going to actually help Ring of Honor. If it doesn’t, then keep the door closed, in my opinion,” Taylor said. “But, if it helps Ring of Honor, then great. Historically, that hasn’t been the case. This is what it is. But, I have said, and will say and will continue to say, Ring of Honor, from top to bottom, has the very best roster in all professional wrestling. I don’t believe it’s something that we need, but again, if it is something that the fans want, and it’s something that helps Ring of Honor, then I’m all on board.”

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