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Zicky Dice Forms His Ideal Band of Pro Wrestlers, Solo Music

by Spencer Love

Zicky Dice has been called many things throughout his wrestling career, but one thing you can’t call him is unambitious.

Dice has been known to refer to himself as a Swiss Army knife of entertainment, and for good reason. Far from just a professional wrestler, the Outlandish One has been known to perform magic, host games shows, and, of course, for fronting his own band, Heart to Heart, for over a decade.

When I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dice, we dove into not only some of his ideal wrestling bandmates, but a few projects that the IMPACT star has been mulling about.

A Wrasslin’ Band

Though Dice is one of the most prominent musician/wrestler combinations, he’s far from alone. Jericho, The Blade, Mickie James, and R-Truth are perhaps a few of the more well-known out there, but again, they’re far from the only. For that reason, I was excited to pose my final question to Dice.

“If you were forming a band exclusively consisting of pro wrestlers who would be in it?”

I laughed before continuing.

“They made sure to specify by no means do they need to have musical talent. You don’t have to pick people in bands.”

After a few seconds, Dice chuckled and began to answer.

“Now there’s a few people that I know that jam,” commented the Outlandish One. “Rich Swann plays a nasty guitar. Chris Bey plays guitar. Brody King is in a hardcore band. Mandrews plays in a pop-punk band. Oh man, who would I have in this band though? Chris Dickinson plays drums! I’m trying to see – do I know any wrestling bass players? I feel like those are the first ones that come to mind.”

“Like anything else I do, I want it to be the best. So, although someone may look pretty and may think they can sing, I’d rather get someone that I know can. I don’t know. I know I’ve heard some people sing, too, and I’m drawing a blank now.”

“You’re not putting yourself in the slot?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course I’d be in the band!” he exclaimed. “Of course, yeah I’d be there! I’ve been talking about starting another band for a while, and I’d love to play an instrument and sing backup. I love to have like a female-fronted band [that] kind of sounds Cranberries-ish, you know? We’ll see what happens there. I’ve also talked about doing a solo project for a little bit and just releasing some Zicky Dice music. So we’ll see what happens there.”

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