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2023 Elimination Chamber Power Rankings

by John Bauer

In case you haven’t heard, it’s the middle of WrestleMania season. If you still don’t believe me, close your eyes and just imagine your favorite WWE superstar in the middle of the square, proclaiming they themselves are on the “Road To WrestleMania”. Are you still unsure? Well, now imagine that same superstar also pointing to a gigantic sign that reads “WrestleMania” while saying “I’m on the road to WrestleMania”. Yup, that’s the stuff. I knew pointing at the sign would make it make sense!

Well, now that you are caught up, let’s get down to business. We have one more chance for you to ensure you have a spot at the biggest show of the year, and that, my friends, is the Elimination Chamber! The most dangerous and unforgiving structure in wrestling.

(At least, it used to be, but they still promote it as such, so I’ll do the same. Side note: I’m in favor of keeping the talent as safe as possible, so the new EC doesn’t bother me at all. Wish I could say the same for some of the IWC, but I digress.)

We have two matches with 12 superstars involved so let’s get down to business and rank the participants in each match. I’ll be breaking down each Chamber match based on who I think has the best shot at pulling off the victory in their respective matches, starting off with the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match.

Traditionally speaking, the champion would defend their title inside the chamber, but this time around the winner will get a shot at the RAW women’s championship. That is currently held by Bianca Belair, and she will very likely still be holding it at the show of shows in Los Angeles come April.  As we all know, Rhea Ripley chose Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. So let’s break down and rank the six women in line for a shot at the EST: 

6. Nikki Cross

Simply put, you want the crazy unpredictability in this environment, but they have cooled her down significantly since her return and I find it difficult to think this is where they heat her back up. I 1000% guarantee she jumps off a pod!

5. Natalya

The veteran presence of Nattie will show big in the Chamber but ultimately she’s likely one of the first to get pinned here. I do believe Nattie has one more title run in her Hall of Fame career but this just isn’t her time.

4. Carmella

Welcome back Mella! Carmella is criminally underrated in my eyes. She’s got the pedigree to be a formidable challenger to Belair’s title. That said, this would be her second or third match back, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they went this route but I’m not confident at all they will.

3. Liv Morgan

I know, I know. “LIV AT THREE!?!??” I must have gone mad, right? Hear me out. Sure, she’s a massive fan favorite and yes, she lasted just as long as Ripley in the Royal Rumble, but that run last year really did some damage. Whether you believe it was on her or not (I don’t), clearly Triple H recognizes the need to rebuild her and try and get her back to the top. You don’t have that type of Rumble showing if they don’t have faith. There’s a lot of money in Liv climbing back to the top, so just wait. She’ll be back, but just not in the Chamber. Fun Fact this will be her 4th chamber match so maybe the experience will serve her well…sorry just had to give a little more hope to the Liv fans. I promise I am one but I’m just a realistic one.

2. Raquel Rodriguez

Rodriguez has been picking up steam as of late. She had a great Rumble showing, finishing in the final four. Plus, she’s incredibly over with the fans. I wouldn’t be shocked one bit if they decided to have her challenge Belair at Mania. The power display between her and Belair alone would be worth the price of admission. Had it not been for the crazy insane return of the next person on the list, she’d be in my top spot.

1. Asuka

Asuka/Kana returned at the Rumble donning her Kana-style gimmick to an overly positive response. I knew the hardcore fan base would pop for the new-to-WWE look of Asuka but there was a chance it wouldn’t go as over as they thought. It went over like gangbusters and boy am I glad it did because Asuka is an all-timer. She is the bigger draw than the five other competitors. From an accolades perspective, it’s a landslide. We could stop there and say, book the match and it will sell itself. They also have some history as Asuka and Belair spent most of last year being besties and fighting off evil. So I’d expect that to play heavily into the storyline.

Now let’s get to the men’s side of the Elimination Chamber. Traditionally speaking this would be for one of the world titles but since Roman has both of those on lock and is on a crash course for Sami Zayn (then potentially Cody Rhodes if he can get past Zayn), we are looking at a Chamber Match for the United States title and I’m here for it. Sure all the fantasy bookers wanted some type of Bloodline Chamber situation but I just don’t think that would have served anyone well. You’d have to add in KO to the mix and it might have taken more legwork than it would be worth to make it make sense. Instead, Sami Vs Roman, I’d assume in the Main Event, is a perfect match especially in Sami’s hometown. That leaves us with the US title, as they continue to attempt to elevate its stock without a main title on RAW. As I did with the women’s title match, let’s rank the six competitors in the Elimination Chamber.

6. Johnny Gargano

What about anything the WWE has done with Johnny says this is the moment they put a belt on him and have him in a major WrestleMania match? I’ll wait. Johnny Wrestling without a doubt deserves better but just don’t expect that better to happen at the Elimination Chamber.

5. Bronson Reed

This is a very similar boat to Johnny Wrestling. It’s exciting to see some fresh names in the EC, but has the WWE done enough to make us believe they have a legit shot at this thing? Reed without a doubt will put someone through a pod, but that will be the height of his participation, which is why he’s slightly higher than Johnny Wrestling.

4. Damian Priest

The muscle of Judgment is a former United States Champion. Judgment is peaking in terms of popularity. Rhea Ripley is headed to a title match at Mania and Dom feels like he’s on his way to a Mania match against his father. So you could have WrestleMania 39 be a Judgment Day affair but I just can’t buy into it for Priest. If he’s to find his way there, it’s going to have to be another route. All that said, he will have a very solid showing as he has a knack for putting on fantastic matches. Plus who knows, maybe he called his MITB shot early so sit tight Priest fans.

3. Seth Rollins

At 3!?!? Am I crazy? Yes I am, but hear me out friends. Seth has been here before and I don’t think it’s any secret he’s way above the rest of this field in most measurables. So again how can the best person in the group be 3? Well, it looks like he has other WrestleMania plans against Logan Paul, and sure, having that be a United States title match would be OK, but I don’t think it needs that to draw buzz. You can keep the title elsewhere and have that marquee matchup you want and need at Mania. Plus, it gives Triple H the opportunity to elevate the next guy on my list.

2. Montez Ford

This half of the Street Prophets has been inching ever so closer to singles superstardom. He has every single tool in the book. As JR would say, he’s a “blue-chipper”. So what better way to help push Ford along than a second-place finish in the Chamber? This would be a case where an early entry and long run in the chamber could help sell what most of us already know – that Tez is a star and it will be sooner than later that he’s in the main event picture.

1. Austin Theory

Yeah, this is the safe pick, having the title holder retain in the Chamber, but they have put so much effort into rebuilding Theory and definitely see him as the future. I expect WWE to see this through and have Theory show up to WrestleMania as United States Champion, especially if rumors are to be believed and a certain future Hall of Famer named John Cena is lined up for a match at Mania. An overly cocky Theory being challenged by John Cena is the best thing for the United States title in my opinion.

So there you have it, my friends! Saturday is shaping up to be a fun card, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in these Elimination Chamber matches. Who do you think wins their respective matches? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments!

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