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ARTomic Drop | January 8th

by Zak Ralph

Another #FanArtFriday, another day to meet your new favourite wrestling fan artists. Have a look at some of the nicest pieces being shared on Twitter and Instagram!

We ended last week with a round up of tributes to Jon Huber, and it warms my heart to see even more floating around the internet. Click here to take a look at last week’s gallery and carry on enjoying this one!

@TheDinoChamp on Twitter and Instagram
@SugarSkullNoOne on Twitter and Instagram
David Speed on Twitter and Instagram

You might have already seen the above mural, as it’s been shared by so many from the wrestling world. I’m thrilled to say I was lucky enough to speak with artist David Speed about the piece and more on the latest Smark & Friends podcast. Enjoy this brief preview and find us on your favourite podcatcher.

@SmarkAndFriends on Twitter and Instagram

As for the rest of the gallery, enjoy this hodgepodge, this mixed bag, this miscellany of more brilliant works!

Martin S Dixon on Twitter and Instagram
@AFNartOfficial on Twitter and Instagram
JRockDraws on Twitter and Instagram
@drnebuloso on Twitter and Instagram
@heelsimp on Twitter
@AmnyTheWrestler on Twitter
@KurtisDefender on Twitter and Instagram

All fan art is curated with permission from the artists – okay, not that last one, but Dexter Lumis’s art rules, and surely WWE won’t mind the free press from humble ol’ LW? If you are the artist of any of these pieces and have changed your mind or believe we have had a misunderstanding, please inform us and we will have it removed.

If youโ€™d like to have some of your wrestling fan art featured, send me an email or at me on Twitter to call my attention to your latest work!

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