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ARTomic Drop | March 13, 2021

by Zak Ralph

Passion inside the ring inspires passion on-page. Here at Love Wrestling, we curate some of the best fan art we can find every week. Take a look at this week’s gallery and meet your new favourite artists!

These awesome artists work quite hard on these pieces, and we hope you can hit like or RT on their fine works!

Eddie Kingston

Full disclosure; I am on an Eddie Kingston kick, and can you blame me? Rhetorical question, because you cannot. This man is tough as nails while wearing his heart on his sleeve and neither aspect contradict to the other. As such, I felt the need to kick this week’s gallery off with a little love for the Mad King himself.

MadScienceArts on Twitter and Instagram
Scenes of Graphic Horror on Instagram
Scenes of Graphic Horror on Instagram

And plenty more good arts!

Baz on Twitter
Anthony Jensen on Instagram and Twitter
Abdulmalik on Twitter and Instagram
Dino Champ on Twitter and Instagram
Ronnie Jarrard on Twitter and Instagram
Scerffdoodles on Instagram
Maria Lyng on Twitter and Instagram
Astroburst on Twitter

About NFTs

As curator to this article I always strive to do right by artists, which I always thought would be limited to making sure I get artist consent and to credit them properly. I recently learned my responsibility extends beyond that. Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are a form of cryptocurrency where bitcoin traders can profit off of art and tweets without permission. Worse yet is the environmental damage these NFTs cause. The power used to mint these digital images on the blockchain uses somewhere between weeks and decades of the average EU or US citizen’s energy use.

I have taken the time to block many traders dealing in NFTs on both my personal Twitter and Love Wrestling Twitter in an effort to curb any harm this gallery may cause. If there is more I can do, please email me – zak@lovewrestling.ca – to let me know what exactly that is so I can better help protect your art.

On the environmental damage of NFTs via everestpipkin.medium.com

A tweet thread of NFT traders to block on Twitter

About ARTomic Drop

All fan art is curated with permission from the artists. If you are the artist of any of these pieces and have changed your mind or believe we have had a misunderstanding regarding permission, please inform us and we will have it removed.

If you’d like to have some of your wrestling fan art featured, send me an email or at me on Twitter to call my attention to your latest work!

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