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Get To Know: Berat Gorani

by John Bauer

We are back at it this week with a brand new “Get to Know” with the Son of Kosovo himself, the one and only Berat Gorani. This was another great talent I personally discovered out of the Love Pro Wrestling family. Berat Gorani is a jack of all trades. He thrives as a singles competitor or as part of a tag team (which we talk about). No matter the situation or circumstances, you know Gorani will show up and show out. So he and I sat down and talked about everything from his start in this business to his time as a former basketball player and everything in between. Without further ado, let’s get to know Berat Gorani.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to be in the wrestling business?

From the first time I saw The Rock in 1999 when we moved to Canada. I always thought it was nearly impossible to actually make it until 2016 when I discovered indie wrestling was in my backyard of Alberta, and I realized I could make this dream a reality.

How did you get started in wrestling?

In 2017 I finally decided to pursue wrestling and signed up with Lance Storm for his spring three-month training, which I went to in May 2018.

Training under Lance Storm had to be a great experience. What was the best piece of advice you learned under him?

Slow down. Slower is smoother and smooth looks fast. It’s something I’m still working on, but training with Lance was an overall great experience and that’s where I built my foundation and I have continued to add on to that.

Who would you say is your biggest influence in wrestling?

The Rock and Randy Orton are the two guys that made me fall in love with wrestling so they started this, but my biggest influencer for my career is very easily Michael Richard Blais. I met him in 2016 when I reffed a show up in Grande Prairie. He got me in the ring with him and ever since then he has continued to help me out with in-ring training, how to carry myself as a professional outside the ring, and almost every opportunity I’ve had has been linked to him. Without MRB there is no Son Of Kosovo.

It’s hard to just have one favorite wrestler. Who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling?

This question gets the most hate when answered! But I’ll give you my four favorite wrestlers, which will be hard because I love so many random wrestlers!

The Rock, Randy Orton (I’m gonna cheat and add Evolution HHH, Flair), Roman Reigns (and Rollins), Kane. So many more, though, that I could easily switch in and out.

Who is currently your favorite wrestler?

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and every member involved with The Clandestine Society.

What one match of yours that you are most proud of?

I don’t think I’ve had that match yet. A few matches that come to mind would be against The Thickness while I was the Spaceman in 2019. That was the first match I felt I was starting to figure it out. That or the feud I had with Colton Kelly, as it helpd me figure out who The Son of Kosovo was and I got to team up with my favorite cruiserweight Psicosis.

Who would you want to face in your dream match?

Randy Orton.

Who’s that up-and-coming wrestler no one is talking about but should be?

Depends on what you mean by up and coming, but my answer would be the entire Clandestine Society! You might have seen some of us appearing on TV, new indie promotions or having a debut match, but I can promise those aren’t one-offs. Get used to the name and faces!

You are also part of a formidable tag team – Para Lira with Sheik Akbar. How does your preparation for a tag match differ from a singles contest?

After I win the scramble title, I and the Sheik will have our eyes on the tag team division again and no one will be safe! Preparing for a tag team match is way easier because I know I have Sheik, who is just as good-looking as me, just as strong and just as big of an ass-kicker. That means I don’t have to worry about if my partner can keep up with me. Our only plan for matches is Sheik picks someone up over his shoulder, I jump off the top, we hit murder and it’s 1,2,3. On to the next one! 

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about getting into wrestling?

Make sure this is what you want to do, and not something you think will be easy to make it in and get a lot of money. It’s just like everything else – you have to be willing to commit time away from family and put in a lot of work that no one else is going to see. If you answered yes to those, then join the Clandestine Society April 29-30 for a beginner’s mini-camp to wrestling and join the family!

Favorite venue you have performed in?

I grew up in Grande Prairie and was able to have a full venue with 100-plus family members and friends which was an amazing feeling, but nothing beats the big lights and feeling of wrestling in the Saddledome in Calgary… Twice!

What’s your pre-match routine or superstitions?

When I played basketball I had more superstitions and a routine, but now you never know what kind of locker room you’re going to get – or if you’ll get one at all. So I’ve cut it down to just certain ways I put my gear on, brush my teeth, put deodorant on, and what I say to my opponent before going out to the ring.

I’m sure the car rides are long, so what’s on your playlist?

At first, I was driving from Grande Prairie to Edmonton for four and a half hours and from Grande Prairie to Calgary for eight hours alone, so that’s a lot of music! And podcasts. I mostly listen to Albanian music and rap/hip-hop. I listen to wrestling and basketball podcasts. But if there are people in the car I prefer to talk.

What food spot are you hitting up while on the road? What are you ordering?

I prefer a nice sit-down place like a Denny’s to get some Benny’s! But usually, if it’s late and I’m driving back I’m hitting a McDonald’s! I get a big Mac and quarter pounder BLT – just the burgers – with two McDoubles, a medium strawberry Fruitopia, and if I’m hungry that day I’ll get 10 nuggets and make it a meal, but I usually don’t eat the fries.

What do you say to the people who say wrestling is fake?

If it’s after a show I simply pull my shirt up and they can see for themselves, or else I just say it’s very real. The only thing we know is what we plan on doing to tell a story.

What is the one thing you would change about the wrestling business?

Needing a visa to work anywhere outside of Canada sucks.

If you weren’t in the wrestling business what would you be doing?

I would’ve most likely continued to try to make it in basketball.

As a former basketball player, what if anything helped you in your transition to wrestling?

Footwork. In basketball, you can have an open lane to the basket, but if you stumble or mess up your steps you might miss. The same goes for wrestling, whenever I mess up it’s because my footing was wrong.

What are your goals for 2023?

To wrestle outside of Canada, to return to British Columbia and Manitoba, and possibly make it out to Nova Scotia or further so I can check off more Canadian places.

When it’s time to hang them up, what do you hope people will say about your wrestling career?

I’d say that whenever they watched one of my matches that they had a good time. In the long run, I hope I’m able to help out any and all people of different backgrounds get into wrestling! 

Where can the fans see you perform next?

Every month for Love Pro Wrestling on the last Thursday and Friday at the Rec Room in Edmonton, and April 22 in Saskatoon for Prairie Pro Wrestling.

You have just been announced as a participant in the upcoming LPW Scramble Match and the winner will be crowned the first-ever LPW Scramble Champion. What would it mean to you to win that title?

I won my way into this match! If you notice, it’s all the former winners of each scramble match, so I’ve already won one of these matches and I’ll do the same on April 28. What would the title mean to me? It would just show everyone what I already know, and that is that I’m just simply better than everyone in LPW. I just haven’t had the opportunity to show it yet!

What can the fans expect when they come out and see you live in person?

One hell of a good-looking guy! Free eye candy! And a match you won’t forget!

Where can fans go to follow you on social media?

Twitter- BeratGoraniKS

IG- Beratgorani7

I can’t thank Berat enough for his time this week. Make sure you take the time to check him out when he’s in a city near you. Make sure to follow all of his socials to stay updated on everything he has coming up. As always, keep it locked here on Love Wrestling for the future installments of “Get To Know” covering all your favorite up-and-coming independent wrestlers from all over the world.

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