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Get To Know: Rose

by John Bauer

We are back with a brand new Get to Know and it’s a good one, friends, as I got the chance to chat with Rose out of Victoria, BC. I first discovered Rose through Love Pro Wrestling and I even had a neat opportunity to chat with her for the LPW show ahead of her Scramble match at LPW 13. So of course, I became a fan instantly. I just had to know more about this upcoming wrestler on the independent scene. Rose was very gracious with her time and we chatted about her influences in wrestling, who her dream match is, pre-match routines and so much more. So without further ado, friends, let’s get to know Rose.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to be in the Wrestling business?

The moment I saw Vampiro for the first time in WCW I thought he was so dope. I just knew I wanted to become a wrestler one day.

How did you get started in wrestling?

I have to partially thank Braydon Goss for it. He was a friend before I started wrestling and I told him how I’ve always wanted to try wrestling. When I moved out to Victoria, he told me about Eddie Osbourne’s Pro Wrestling Academy re-opening. I shot him a message and took the plunge!

Who would you say is your biggest influence in wrestling?

I honestly don’t like to say I have an influence.

in particular, because I want to be my own character, and I try not to let myself get influenced too much by other wrestlers so I don’t end up looking like them. But definitely, Speedball Mike Bailey is a HUGE inspiration for me.

It’s hard to just have one favorite wrestler. Who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling?

Speedball, Vampiro, Edge, Becky Lynch & Ultimo Dragon

Who is currently your favorite wrestler?

Giulia, Dom Mysterio, Ospreay & Dragon Lee 

What one match of yours that you are most proud of?

If I have to pick any of my matches to show, it would definitely be my singles vs Kikyo. I am also pretty stoked about the tag match I had with Max Benson against Travis Williams and Judas Icarus, and my singles with Liiza Hall.

Who would you want to face in your dream match?

I’ve had most of my dream matches this year, to be honest, but If I’m being ridiculously ambitious I’d say Speedball or Giulia. If I go more local indie, Artemis Spencer, Zoë Sager, or a singles with MRB would be pretty rad. And then if it was a hardcore match, I’d definitely want to have it with Allie Kat. 

Who’s that up-and-coming wrestler no one is talking about but should be?

Inferno! He currently wrestles for 365.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about getting into wrestling?

Be attentive to every bit of information that’s given to you and use all of it. Also, don’t overthink, just do it.

Favorite venue you have performed in?

The Commodore in Vancouver was pretty dope. If we’re talking smaller venues, then the Carlton in Victoria has a special place in my heart.

What’s your pre-match routine or superstitions?

It’s actually kind of a running joke with some of my peers in the locker room, but I blast my music in my headphones and get in my head big time, where if you talk to me I most likely won’t notice that you are. I just kind of try to hype myself and imagine all the people I want to impress the most are in the crowd.

I’m sure the car rides are long so what’s on your playlist?

Oh God, so much. My music repertoire is huge. But I guess lately 6black, Amy Shark and Stick to Your Guns are big ones.

What food spot are you hitting up while on the road? What are you ordering?

I usually have meal prep with me! But in cases where I don’t, I’ll get the rice bowls at Subway or Tim’s. If my only options are 24-hour fast food places, I’ll get a lettuce wrap burger at A&W. Lame, I know.

We have talked about it in the past but for those new to you. What went into the decision to go bootless? What advantages do you think that brings to your game?

Everyone always tells me I’m crazy for doing it without shoes, especially since I run up the ropes a lot. My sports background is limited to martial arts. In Muay Thai and kickboxing, we train without shoes, so I’m just kind of more comfortable moving without shoes. Also, I used to slackline a little when I was living in Montreal, which means I got comfortable walking on ropes without shoes. I feel like I have more grip and more stability in general in the ring barefoot. I tried shoes and I just always end up taking them off because I hate it.

What do you say to the people who say wrestling is fake?

I personally hate when people say that. It’s fake as in, it’s entertainment. It might be scripted to SOME levels, but it is very much athletic, and hard, and it often hurts. It feels real big time when I’m in training or in a match anyways! But as far as telling ignorant people, I usually tell them “I dare you to train for 30 minutes with us and see if you ever do it again, and figure for yourself if it’s as fake as you think.”

What is the one thing you would change about the wrestling business?

The toxic old-school mentality. For example, if a promotion tells you you can’t wrestle for another company because of their personal feud, they don’t care about your growth.

If you weren’t in the wrestling business, what would you be doing?

I always wanted to be a psychiatrist but school is just impossible for me. I’d love to work in the social work/mental health/addiction field though.

What was going through your mind the moment you captured your first title as you became the 365 Global Women’s Champion?

It kinda was a mix of absolute confusion and overwhelming happiness. But to be completely honest, I couldn’t help thinking I didn’t deserve the title. I tend to be pretty tough on myself when it comes to my wrestling. But I am so grateful to be 365 women’s champ!

What are your goals for 2023?

For now, wrestle in every province. Aim for the States in late 2023! Maybe an AEW Dark appearance would be cool.

I’d love to see you on an AEW Dark, if you achieve that goal. Who would you like to be matched up with?

I’m going super ambitious here but Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, or Thunder Rosa would be a dream. I wish they did inter-gender though. Being in the ring with Max Caster or Hook would be pretty dope.

When it’s time to hang them up, what do you hope people will say about your wrestling career?

That it inspired young girls to turn into feisty young women. That I never stopped working and worked hard to deserve every opportunity that was given to me.

Where can the fans see you perform next?

The next big one after that is 365 in Victoria, at the White Eagle, on the 19th! (Also 365 in Courtenay on May 13.)

What can the fans expect when they come out and see you live in person?

A ball of fire in the ring. I also always make sure to come out after shows to meet the fans and take pictures and hang out as much as I can!

Where can fans go to follow you on Social Media?

Instagram: @Rosesaregreyy

Twitter: @RoseProWrestler

Facebook: Rose Pro Wrestling

Youtube: @RoseProWrestling

But for a quick link to all my socials go to linktr.ee/roseprowrestling

I can’t thank Rose enough for her time this week. Make sure you are following her on all her social media to keep up to date on when Rose will be performing in a town near you. As always, keep it locked in here at Love Wrestling for the latest Get to Know interviews getting to know the best wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene across the world.

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