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Memesplash – This Week in Wrestling Memes

by Zak Ralph

Forget your match of the week or your week’s best wrestlers. Show us your memes! Join us in getting the most out of this week’s fads and in-jokes, until they’re about as impactful as a superkick by Monday.

Seasons Greetings

One of the best things about memes is that every subculture and fandom is able to comment on the zeitgeist in their own unique language. An inside-joke at the largest scale, if you will. So when something like the holidays come around, we get the joking on in our own special way.

Ani-mani, Totally Insaney–

Capturing the nostalgia of the mid-90s, Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros have brought the hit cartoon Animaniacs into the maddening world of 2020. Yacko, Wacko and Dot are all back, and so is the catchy theme song with an interchangable second-to-last line, freshening up the song with a new punchline in each episode. You know the one. Ani-mani, Totally Insaney, doo-doo-da-da-DA-da, AnimaniAAAACs! Well, one kind soul Crisp Rat on Twitter made a template to substitude the doo-doos. (Heh, doo-doos.)

And yes, wrestling-Twitter had it’s way with Meme Templatey.

That last one get’s the man himself’s seal of approval.

$600 Stimulus vs $2000 Stimulus

Last week the US Senate in their infinite wisdom thought that putting $600 in the hands of its citizens was a stronger choice for the people and for the economy than handing them $2000. Needless to say, the American people responded with anger, sadness, and, well, laughter. The gallows humour in this meme manifested all over the internet as a diptich presentation of what a $600 stimulus looks like next to a $2000 stimulus, and you bet wrestling-twitter got it’s hands on that joke.


Some memes don’t get an intro, okay. Enjoy these bangers.

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