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Memesplash – This Week in Wrestling Memes | January 23rd

by Zak Ralph

Here at Love Wrestling, we endeavor to catologue all the memes and inside jokes of pro wrestling before they become overused and about as impactful as a superkick. Whether the meme was exclusive to our fandom or co-opted from the zeitgeist at large, you’ll find it here!

Randy’s Mask

This article is released on Mondays. So last week, after having shared the last queue of memes, my slate was not empty for long. Randy Orton was left the victim of facial burns following an attack by Alexa Bliss on the previous week’s RAW. Now, burns are serious business and should never be laughed at. Unless it’s being executed like this:

Ah, yes, that very well-known saying.

Now, first thing’s first, credit where credit is due. That is legitimately a burn pressure garment. It applies pressure to the burn, keeping the skin soft and flat while the scars form. It’s not often WWE provides this level of detail.

Yeah yeah, you’re not here for the lessons. Here come the lols.

Satin’s really looking to endear himself to Canadians with this one.

Bernie’s Mittens

Occasionally, a meme will need no introduction. Such is the case with progressive politician/very old man Bernie Sanders in charming knit mittens. Here’s Wrestling-Twitter’s take on the meme that had you saying “These Bernie memes are tired – but that one was good” all week.

We’re one fireball away from combining this week’s top two memes.
Malcolm Bivens remains undefeated.
Billie Kay also remains undefeated.


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