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Memesplash – This Week in Wrestling Memes

by Zak Ralph

So, you’re in the middle of the second week of 2021 and need to laugh through the pain? That’s okay, wrestling twitter is here for you.

SnooperFly Splash!

All Elite Wrestling kicked off the year with Night One of New Year’s Smash, and it got people looking forward to Night Two this coming Wednesday. From a B[REDACTED]b reunion to Abadon taking a bite out of Shida – LITERALLY – fans were talking!

But you cannot talk about Night One without talking about Snoop Dogg! The hip hop mogul was a special guest in Cody’s corner in his match against Matt Sydal. Things broke down after the match when Luthor and Serpentico attacked, and it didn’t take long for Snoop to join the fray. To, um, interesting results!

Say what you will about the splash, but Snoop HOOKED THAT LEG!

Almost instantly the internet jumped on it, sticking the landing better than Snoop Dogg.

We should have shared this in ARTomic Drop but this couldn’t wait until Thursday.

And of course, if you ever do something that didn’t go quite right, your family has to clown on you…

… multiple times.

Capitol Riots

Last week’s Memesplash featured the gallows humour of wrestling-Twitter’s use of the $600/$2000 stimulus meme. I wasn’t expecting the Trump Capitol Riot to be broached. Surely some things need are beyond memes, right?

I should have known better.

It’s easier to laugh at this one knowing that podium-perpetrator Via Getty has been arrested.

Then of course we can’t ignore the fallout of these riots, well encapsulated by Heelbook:

Though the irony of Jericho playing the role of Social Networks shouldn’t be lost here.

Bullet Club Reunion

Back to the reunion of the Bucks with the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega, and the whole mess of intellectual-property questions that came with it!


Not really a meme but holy shit.

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