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Nikki Cross: “SAnitY Was the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in my Career”

by Spencer Love

The past few months have been a return to the roots for WWE star Nikki Cross. After a controversial run as superhero Nikki A.S.H, Cross began returning to a more wild character similar to her original run in NXT. During that inaugural run, Cross was part of the stable, SAnitY. However, when the faction was originally called up to Smackdown in June, 2018, Cross was nowhere to be seen, marking the end of the original group’s tenure.

In an interview with Love Wrestling prior to Elimination Chamber, Cross chatted about a potential reunion with her original faction.

“SAnitY was the most fun I’ve ever had in my career,” began the former RAW Women’s Champion. “You know, I had Eric Young who was like this crazy uncle, I had, you know, my husband, Killian Dain. Getting to work with my husband was really fun! And then I had my best friend Alexander Wolfe.”

“So, for me, SAnitY was the most fun I’ve ever had in my career. I learned so much from those three men. They taught me so much, and I learned so much. It’s just a time I look really fondly on and it helped me grow as a performer. So I would never want to forget that because it’s so integral to Nikki Cross as a character.”

Tune in to the full interview with Nikki Cross below. Should you choose to utilize any quotes, please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling.

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