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Spencer Love Interviews: Jazmin Allure

by Spencer Love

Women of Wrestling star. Trained under Thunder Rosa and Jazz. Some know her as Jennifer Florez. Jasmin Allure is here! You’d be hard-pressed to find a major promotion that Jazmin Allure HASN’T worked for at this point! Signed to Women of Wrestling and with appearances for WWE, AEW, and the NWA under her belt, Allure’s quickly become not just a rising star on the independent scene, but a star, period! Tune in as she chats with Spencer Love about her meteoric rise in pro wrestling, signing with W.O.W, taking on the likes of Lacey Evans, Thunder Rosa, Kamille, and more, advice from AJ Lee, the character-based nature of WOW, and more!

On her relationship with AJ Mendez, fka AJ Lee

โ€œSo with Jazz and Thunder [Rosa], they trained me. They physically trained me. AJ is more
like my mother. My godmother, I call her. She’s my godmother, because she made my dream
come true! She gave me the first contract. She brought me to W.O.W. But she’s like a
mother to me. She tells me when she sees me training, she’s like, where are your elbow
pads? Wear your elbow pads, you don’t want to have that elbows like me! The first training
she saw me, my elbow started bleeding from the mat, like the mat burn. She’s like, ‘What did
I tell you? Wear your elbow [pads]! She’s just like a mother, and she gives great advice.
When we’re at W.O.W., she watches my matches and afterwards, she’ll give me critiques
and stuff like that.”

Choosing to sign with W.O.W

โ€œWhen I heard they were coming back, and I heard AJ was a part of it, I was like, ‘wow, this
is gonna be really good.’ I, at first, was kind of like, oh my god, they’re very character [based]
and like, gimmicky and all that stuff, and I’m kind of not. I’, more of a wrestler-wrestler. But,
when AJ contacted me, she was like, ‘I think you’d be great for this.’ I was like, ‘I can’t say no
to her!’ And, also, Women of Wrestling, I would watch that as well. These woman kicking
ass, they’re so inspiring as well. And the locker room! Once I got there, everyone was so
nice. There’s no drama. It’s 40, I think 40 girls, plus. For that to be as great as it is, it’s
insane. It’s pretty awesome. We’re all so supportive, and it’s really great. The fact that AJ
brought me in, and getting to meet like David McLane, who owns it, it’s a pretty great

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