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Spencer Love Interviews: Madi Wrenkowski & Missa Kate

by Spencer Love

Chicago’s Sweetheart. Miss Reality. The NWA World’s Women’s Tag Team Champions are here!

Today, both Madi Wrenkowski and Missa Kate join us to chat just prior to their first-ever defense of the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships! Tune in as the dynamic duo discusses how their team came to be, defending them in Missa Kate’s home state, the origins of Madi’s Side Character Spotlight, and the growth of the women’s division in the National Wrestling Alliance.

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On the NWA’s Women’s division:

Madi: “I mean, for me, personally, I do remember coming into the NWA locker room and there wasn’t that many women. To see how it’s grown, not only in diversity but just in age as well. They are starting to bring in some younger talent. I’m not like an old talent, but I feel like it’s helpful to have had like The Hex [Marti Belle and Allison Kay] and Taya [Valkyrie] and Taryn [Terrell], even. Just these women who have been in the business [who were] able to like speak to us and help us.”

“I think the women’s division is growing, and I, personally, can go on record in saying that I think we’re going If it’s the women’s division is more entertaining than the men’s division, I mean, that’s what I get to see! I think we have made leaps and bounds, and I think it’s because the women realized maybe that it was time for the change, and they started doing it.”

Missa Kate: “They were trying to redefine it, they were trying to – again, every locker room needs to have a flow. [It] has to have some kind of mesh. I think they were trying to figure out the locker room and which women we could have here that are going to take the NWA women’s division to a new height. So, just like Madi was saying, now they’re finding a good balance of having newer girls come in, having vets lead us, and we got Madi and me smack in the middle that are just like, we’re trying to figure shit out! But I think we’re doing alright for ourselves.”

“Then, having females that have been in the business as agents for a while: we have Jazz [and] we have Medusa constantly being there for us if we have questions and stuff like that. So we have as much as you see in front of the camera behind the camera as well. We have women just killing it all over the place right now.”


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