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Something to Prove: tagSTRUGGLE’s Journey Back to the Top

by Spencer Love

TagStruggle is back.

It’s been a smooth transition to Real Canadian Wrestling for both Chris Perish and Meniac since debuting for the promotion in January. Since leaving their long-term promotion of Monster Pro Wrestling, the multi-time champions have found new life with RCW since their debuts.

“One word – opportunity,” said Perish when asked about the move in a recent interview with the WCSN. “We’ve got the opportunity to do some more tag wrestling, with some fresh matchups.”

“RCW means a fresh start, new tag teams, and another chance to prove we are the best” echoes Meniac.

Since making the jump just under four months ago, tagSTRUGGLE have looked revitalized – both figuratively and literally. Both Perish and Meniac simply look happier with their new promotion, with a large part of that attributed to the ability to wrestle together once again.

Frankly, for one of the most dominant tag teams in Albertan wrestling history, it was long overdue.

Early Days

The origins of tagSTRUGGLE are well-documented in Albertan wrestling lore. Initially consisting of both Perish and current Dirty, Inc member Sydney Steele, the now-legendary faction ran roughshod over MPW and Pure Power Wrestling through the early parts of 2015. Only months into their tenure, the pair recruited Meniac, and the rest is history.

“I joined the oWe back in 2015, and Perish and I started tagging from that,” said Meniac.

While the faction did eventually disband, the chemistry between Perish and Meniac was palpable, and the two-man unit of tagSTRUGGLE was born.

It was a move that paid immediate dividends.

Frankly, the pairing was nothing short of dominant. Within months, Perish and Meniac had firmly established themselves as not only one of the most influential teams in not only Monster Pro Wrestling, but the entirety of Alberta.
The duo wasn’t reinventing the wheel, they explain, but that’s one of the major reasons for their success.

“tagSTRUGGLE isn’t unique,” states Perish. “(In wrestling), it’s not unique to see two people come together and essentially become brothers. What makes us stand out is our chemistry together.”

“We are a TAG(STRUGGLE) TEAM,” says Meniac bluntly. “There are very few who would rather tag than do singles matches, but we are them. We pride ourselves in our tag prowess and ring psychology. In my humble opinion, we are unmatched. We are sports AND entertainment.”

“We are from the people, by the people, for the people… and we look like the people.”

“Again, it isn’t unique, but it’s relatable and entertaining,” finishes Perish. “It’s something that allows us to remain active – regardless of how many times we have tag matches.”

Unfortunately, Perish’s words would prove eerily prophetic. Despite the duo’s success, it wasn’t long before the two found themselves placed in singles competition more often than not. tagSTRUGGLE soon found themselves relegated to the sidelines in the tag division, despite the team neither breaking up nor wanting to.


“In short? Yes, I wish there were more than one 8-man tagSTRUGGLE match and one 6-man tagSTRUGGLE match in 2018.”

Meniac’s words were a common sentiment among Albertan wrestling fans last year. While both members of tagSTRUGGLE found solo success, the pair failed to wrestle together more than once in a traditional tag-team matchup throughout 2018. It’s something that both admit was frustrating, both personally and as a team.

“With MPW, yes, there was disappointment with not tagging,” states Perish. “Yes, we did have individual success – which was great – but in an era where tag wrestling isn’t getting the exposure and appreciation (it deserves), we’re two people who want to not only tag but change that stigma moving forward.”

Despite their frustration, neither Perish nor Meniac let it show in the ring. Meniac became a two-time MPW Heavyweight Championship, with Perish winning the Leo Burke Cup and the MPW Provincial Championship. Perish also appeared on the PWI500 each year as one of the top professional wrestlers worldwide. Despite the accolades, states Meniac, it’s something the pair would have gladly traded for the opportunity to wrestle together once again.

“I like wrestling singles,” he explains, “but I’m a tag(STRUGGLE) guy. It’s my passion, and while having the recognition of a singles title – THE singles title at that – is humbling and an honour, to me the harder titles to defend are always the tag(STRUGGLE) titles.”

Unfortunately, despite a number of opportunities, a true tagSTRUGGLE reunion never came to pass in Monster Pro Wrestling.

Meniac finishes: “As fun as it was to have two separate runs as a Heavyweight champion, I would have traded that second one in for more tag(STRUGGLE) matches.”

A Change of Scenery

The first sign of a potential move came on January 11th, 2019. In the midst of a match between Michael Richard Blais and Pride, Perish shockingly appeared out of the crowd and attacked both men. It was the first appearance in RCW for the former MPW Provincial Champion, and shortly after speculation started flying about not only his future with the promotion but a potential tagSTRUGGLE reunion.

Those rumours were all but confirmed in late January when Meniac made his official debut for RCW. With Perish announced to have signed with the company in early February, it all but ensured that tagSTRUGGLE was back.

On February 9th, the team wrestled their first traditional tag match in over a year. The response, to be blunt, was overwhelming.

“I think it’s validation that we’re doing it right,” Meniac says of the pair’s well-received move to RCW.

Ironically, both Meniac and Perish have found themselves embroiled in a feud with former friend Sydney Steele and his stablemates in Dirty, Inc. Tonight, the duo becomes a trio once again with the addition of Kayla Jaye. Could this be the first sign of tag(EXPANSION)?

“In almost a year”, mused Meniac “we’ve spoken about adding people before, and if we find the right person, I don’t see why not.”

Whatever tagSTRUGGLE’s next move may be, it’s only a matter of time before they reclaim their rightful place back on top.

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