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Rich King

by Staff
Quick Hits

Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon

Nicknames: The Man from the Yukon

Alliances & Factions: The RADz, featuring Mitch Clarke, Lumberjack Larry Woods, and TY Jackson, managed by Judge Ben Oomen

Championship History

1x MPW Renegade Memorial Tag Team Champion

1x CWE Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Champion

1x BEW Tag Team Champion (w/Lumberjack Larry)

1x CanAm Tag Team Champion (w/Lumberjack Larry)

1x LPW Tag Team Champion (w/Lumberjack Larry)

Career Highlights
  • Most Accomplished Wrestler from The Yukon
  • Creator of Tales from The Undercard
  • Founding Member of The RADz
  • Inaugural & Longest Running Love Wrestling Tag Team Champions
  • Longest Single Run with The CWE Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • Defeated The Bollywood Boyz, State of Emergency, The Billington Bulldogs, Black Quebecois, The Clandestine Society, and Fandango

Twitter: @RK_Wrestling

Instagram: @RK_Wrestling

Facebook: Rich King Wrestling

YouTube: Tales From The Undercard

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