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Gabe’s Top 5 WWE/WWF Games

by Gabe Foster

Systems: Multiple

This time around we are going to change things up a bit. Instead of discussing just one title for a discussion, we are going to look at my personal Top 5 WWE/WWF games across all systems! It is no secret that the WWE has had a throttle on the video game scene, constantly having games released at a rapid pace. We have not gone a single year without some sort of WWE game coming out. So, today I want to look at and briefly discuss some of my favorite WWE games over the years!

The one exclusion on this list will be the WWE Mobile titles, while I have only played one or two, you won’t see any here. This will be solely based on home console released games. And remember this is MY personal list, so if you don’t see your favorite game on this list, let me know with some comments below or on Twitter @CFGstreams! Let’s dive in!

#5: WWE Survivor Series (Gameboy Advance)

Starting off with a title not a lot of people know of or remember, WWE Survivor Series for the best handheld system until the Switch! This game took the top stars of the WWE in the year 2004 and gave us a cool 2D, almost 3D wrestling game! You could do many matches such as:

  • One on One
  • Submission
  • Royal Rumble
  • 3 and 4 Way Matches
  • 3 on 3
  • Cage
  • Lumberjack
  • Hardcore
  • Custom(Where you can customize the match)
  • Tournament
  • Iron Man

This game is basically the same as Road to WrestleMania X8 for the Gameboy, but I love the roster and 16 bit theme songs that accompany them in this game. It is very easy to pick up and play even though the roster has a limited moveset. They still are able to capture trademark moves and finishers. Definitely pick up this game and Road to WrestleMania X8 if you have a chance!

#4: WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth (Playstation 2)

Moving on to number 4, it’s a classic that people all know about, but one that I think is better than it’s successor(I know, controversial). WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth came out and it was a HUGE upgrade from SmackDown Just Bring It! The roster in this game encapsulates a fun time as a child where the Brand Split just began and some top stars from WCW were finally showing up on TV! The story mode provided a ton of fun walking around and talking to the many different superstars hanging around backstage.

From having snow fights, to battling with foam fingers, to diving off of the SmackDown fist, this game brought some great joy. It holds a place in my heart that games like Here Comes the Pain (while great) personally can’t hold a candle to in my heart.

#3: WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006 (Playstation 2)

You don’t hear a lot of negativity about this game, and rightfully so. SmackDown vs RAW 2006 is a game that can be picked up in the year 2021 and can still be enjoyed for hours on end. I own this game on both the Playstation 2 and PSP. They surprisingly are very different from one another.

Looking at the Playstation 2 version, it comes packed with everything you could want from a wrestling game. The peak of the Ruthless Aggression era roster with match types and game modes that have not been touched on or improved since this game. 3 Way Tag Team ladder matches was a great mode that wasn’t touched until recent 2K games. And the almighty General Manager mode. This is the most fun and engaging game mode when you really catch your stride. It has a period where it’s a constant loss for your show, but once you learn the algorithm, it really is a lot of fun to play and create new stars on your show. No limitations!

The PSP version was also phenomenal because it was able to provide everything the PS2 version brought to the table, but with some extra game modes. So yes, story mode, GM Mode, all the match types, and now a special Eugene Flight mode where you guide him from the stage to around the ring where you have to dodge obstacles. As well as Texas Hold Em! I never knew how to play this as a child but I loved just seeing these wrestlers sitting at a poker table in their ring gear, hilarious.

#2: WWF SmackDown! 2 (Playstation)

WWF SmackDown on the Playstation, the game that defined an entire franchise. Sold millions of copies and even went platinum for how many units they pushed. They took what worked in that game and really tweaked it to be a stellar wrestling game when WWF SmackDown! 2 released on the Playstation. This game includes tons of title matches, an endless storyline with tons of unlockables, and the inclusion of HELL IN A CELL (kind of).

The base game does not stop there, the modding community online has taken this game and created some really special editions. For example, our good friend Yumboy11 once made a mod that showcased the talent of Total Nonstop Action that was a lot of fun. As well as some great 90s and current-day mods that can be found HERE.

Overall this game gets my #2 spot because I still play this game to this day with friends online and get more enjoyment out of it than a lot of modern wrestling and non-wrestling games!

#1: WWE Day of Reckoning (Gamecube)

Here it is, my #1 spot. Were you expecting WWF No Mercy of Here Comes the Pain? NOPE! WWE Day of Reckoning came out on the Gamecube and oh boy did this game change my life as a kid and into my adulthood! Day of Reckoning looked to perfect on the No Mercy gameplay and improve on the mechanics used in previous Gamecube titles. Following WrestleMania 19, Day of Reckoning highlighted the 2004 WWE Roster including names like Rhino, Mark Jindrak, John Cena, The Bashams and many other top obvious names of that era. It had quick gameplay with an emphasis on collision.

For example, if you did a superkick to Kane as Lance Storm, Kane would go flying back. BUT if Edge was behind Kane, Edge would be taken out by Kane selling the superkick. Or you could powerbomb Rey Mysterio into Eddie Guerrero, knocking him out. It was a ton of fun. The story mode was very in-depth and provided an intriguing storyline that follows you from WWE tryouts and independent matches, to getting signed to Heat and making your way to the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

Creating a wrestler left A LOT of opportunity to make WHOEVER you wanted. The soundtrack shaped the music I listen to the same way Tony Hawk did and eventually I want to do a more in-depth review on this game. Eventually I will in the future because I love it so much!

And that is my personal Top 5 WWE/WWF video game list! I hope you enjoyed this article and I have many more that I’m planning to dive into! What’s on your Top 5 list?

Let me know on Twitter: @CFGstreams

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