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Smark & Friends #77 | Holden Albright Can’t Keep Up With Eminem

by Zak Ralph
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Big Scary, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wolf in Human’s Clothing – in the ring, our guest might be just that. Outside of wrestling, he’s a content creator, podcaster, stand up comic, and wonderful human being. We welcome Toronto pro-wrestler Holden Albright (outside of wrestling as Brendone Caulfield) to Smark & Friends!

Holden and Brendone could not be more unlike. While Holden’s in-ring antics are designed to make his opponents into victims, Brendone prefers to be remembered as a positive force, keeping people connected through his content and beyond. We’re deep-diving into wrestling (how’s he holding up after his hardcore match with Colton Kelly at Change The Game?), content creation (what’s Brendone’s dream gig?), and all the amazing things that fall in between, in the latest episode of Smark & Friends!

Plus: Holden’s FULL interview from the last episode of Smark & Friends (you know, the one where we asked Michael Richard Blais to rename the hot dog and if Alicia Atout believes in ghosts), including questions not previously aired!

Smark & Friends is available through Love Wrestling’s Podbean and other major podcatchers. You can catch the video of this interview immediately at Twitch.tv/LoveWrestling, on YouTube.com/lovewrestlingca two days after this publishing.

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