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Smark & Friends #79 | Ben Ortmanns Is Not Sponsored By Starbucks

by Zak Ralph

Pro-wrestler, head coach at Cross Body Pro Wrestling Academy, and Twitch Streamer! After seeing him wrestle a few short weeks ago at International Wrestling Syndicate against Mike Bailey, Zak welcomes Ben Ortmanns to the Smark & Friends. Ben’s been a great peer to the whole of Love Wrestling, but this marks his first – and therefore LONG overdue – appearance on our content.


Ben Ortmanns is a pro-wrestler out of Kitchener, Ontario, and while he has been working hard for years, has found what you might call a resurgence during the pandemic, of all times. You might even go as far as attributing his renewed sense of purpose in a wrestling ring to his work and growing community on Twitch. He sure does! We talk about wrestling, we talk about Twitch, and we talk about a fundraising event CBPW is hosting benefiting Hacker Scotty O’Shea and his family.

Smark & Friends is available through Love Wrestling’s Podbean and other major podcatchers. The video is temporarily available on the Love Wrestling Twitch channel and will be available on YouTube two days after this publication.

Big Ben Ortmanns:

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