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SmackDown: Reigns and Paul Hayman

If you missed the February 12th, 2021 episode of WWE’s SmackDown, that’s okay! Cause I didn’t. In fact, I’ve compiled the top moments so you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest excitement. Tonight’s episode marked the return of Seth Rollin, who had been MIA since Royal Rumble as well as a big announcement by Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin Qualify for Elimination Chamber

Look, I said in the first “Can’t-Miss” article that I have my favorites. So, it’s no surprise that Sami Zayn is once again appearing here. There aren’t enough superlatives in the world to describe how great I think he is. Earlier in the evening, Sonya Deville and Adam Pierce created a match — Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn vs. The Mysterios. The winner would qualify for the Elimination Chamber match. The match was lightning quick, but nonetheless aggressive. It’s great to see Dominik Mysterio continue to grow as a wrestler, and it must have been special for Rey to share the ring with his son. However, I am sure he would have preferred a win. Sami Zayn and Corbin pulled out the (dare I say upset) win after Zayn landed the Helluva Kick on Dominik Mysterio.

Riott Squad Drama

Billie Kay has yet again cost a member of the Riott Squad a potiential victory. This time, during an attempt at an apology for last week’s mishap, Kay’s resume ended up in the ring. While the ref was distracted with removing it, Bayley was able to rake Liv Morgan’s eyes and pick up the victory. It feels like this story has been going on for a very, very long time, but honestly, I’m okay with it. The Riott Squad are just trying to focus on themselves, and they realize that Kay isn’t intentionally costing them matches. However, eventually their patience will run out and the story will come to a head. I do wish WWE would give these women a little bit more mic time to hash this out in a segment instead of during a match, but I digress.

Seth Rollins Returns

Seth Rollins made his much-anticipated return to SmackDown tonight. Nearly the entire locker room surrounded the ring to hear what the Architect had to say. Seth started his promo by acknowledging that the birth of his daughter had changed him. His new vision was to become the leader that SmackDown needed to reach new heights … and that’s when things started to break down. The superstars abandoned Rollins and left him standing alone in the ring. The sole superstar that stood by him briefly was Cesaro. But even he wasn’t moved by Rollins’ words. Embarrassed, Rollins took out his frustration on Cesaro. The segment was good, and definitely “Can’t-Miss.” However, I can’t help but feel like it could have been better. Right now, SmackDown needs a top face, not another megalomaniac heel. However, the promise of a feud between Rollins and Cesaro is enticing. 

Now that you’re all caught up with this week’s episode of SmackDown, why not check a couple of other articles I’ve published … for instance why I feel WWE should rethink the women’s tag team titles. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and we’ll cya next week.

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