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ARTomic Drop | An Electrifying Birthday

by Zak Ralph

Cover Art | card__toons

Passion inside the ring inspires passion on page. Here at Love Wrestling, we curate some of the best fan art we can find every week. Take a look at this week’s gallery and meet your new favourite artists.

Celebrating The Great One

Maybe he’s best known for his ventures in Hollywood these days, but Dwayne Johnson will always be The Rock to us – and with how the man continues to treat his fans, it seems he wouldn’t have it any other way. Mr. The Rock turned 49 this past weekend, and there was lots of love pouring in from fans, art style!

Justin Maas on Instagram and Twitter
Karl Davies on Instagram and Twitter
card__toons on Instagram
mdshukran on Instagram

It’s only natural that the only dude who ever made the name “Dwayne” sound cool gets treated to the finest gallery. Cheers to The Rock!

And of course, cheers to the artists – both above and below. Enjoy the rest of this week’s gallery.

jon on Twitter and Instagram
Dan Buksa on Twitter and Instagram
Sam Evans on Instagram
craftwithe on Instagram
Fowl Original on Instagram and Twitter

About NFTs

Due to the environmental damage and vulnerability they impose on artists, ARTomic Drop takes a firm stance against NFTs. Please inform me if I have failed to properly vet out stolen or harmful work. I can be contacted at zak@lovewrestling.ca

On the environmental damage of NFTs via everestpipkin.medium.com

About ARTomic Drop

All fan art is curated with permission from the artists. If you are the artist of any of these pieces and have changed your mind or believe we have had a misunderstanding regarding permission, please inform us and we will have it removed.

If you’d like to have some of your wrestling fan art featured, send me an email or at me on Twitter to call my attention to your latest work!

Catch even more brilliant fan artists with previous editions of ARTomic Drop!

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