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Alicia Atout on Upcoming Interviews, COVID-19, Who Inspires Her

by Spencer Love

Alicia Atout is one of, if not the premier interviewers in the professional wrestling scene today. Since founding AMBY in 2013, Atout has become a household name in both pro wrestling and music for her in-depth interviews and conversational approach to interviewing. It’s not only earned her the opportunity to interview some of wrestling’s top stars but work in a backstage capacity with Impact! WrestlingAEW, and, currently, Major League Wrestling.

Recently, Atout joined me to discuss how she’s passing the time through the COVID-19 pandemic, binge-watching Tiger King, who inspires her, and more.

On her upcoming interviews:

“So, there have been a lot. Today (March 25), I recently, like an hour ago spoke to Session Moth Martina, I have TJP, Melina, and Kylie Rae coming on today, so that’s going to be a really stacked and fun day. Yesterday was super busy; recently I had Chelsea Green on, Francine, Danhausen, Mayra Dias Gomez, like, it was really busy. And the thing is, trying to line all these up, I don’t know why, but I had like a home run yesterday! Everybody was just like ‘this is the time I’m free, this is the time,’ and it was just flawless. I also had Chris Bey on, Killer Kelly, I did some music – I had the Black Dahlia Murder on, so like it’s just been a lot.

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But, it’s kept my mind off all the craziness, so there’s that.”

Keeping busy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“So, I’ve been playing a lot of Galaga, I’ve got two handheld games, so I’ve been playing that a ton. The last three, four days has just been research and interviews, I haven’t really done much else. Around 7:30 I’ll clock out from the interviewing, I’ll chill with my family, we’ll watch some television together.

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“I binge-watched Tiger King, which is some crazy s**t! It’s the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen! It’s got to do with big cats, zoos, animal rights, polygamy, murder. It is weird, but it is really intriguing. I’ve watched the whole season, I think it was seven episodes, an hour-long each, in a day and a half.

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Who inspires her outside of wrestling:

“A lot of that comes down to my family because if it weren’t for them pushing me and seeing a passion and kind of igniting it and keeping me on the go, I don’t know where I would be. They’ve helped me a lot, especially when I first started with the music stuff, so definitely my parents. My sister right now, she’s a nurse so seeing, especially lately with the Coronavirus going on, seeing her clock into work every single day, being one of those health professionals out there right now really helping people, that’s been super inspiring to me. It kind of makes me think if she can go in every day and see the sadness and hurt and pain and push through and still help people, not let that get to her, whatever I’m dealing with, (I) can push through too.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used.

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