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Get To Know: Alex Maze

by John Bauer

Today we chat with one of the most entertaining people on the independent wrestling scene. Whether it’s as part of a dynamic tag team with Kristara or as a singles competitior, Alex Maze out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada always stands out on any card. 

I first learned about Alex Maze on a Blowing Off Stream episode on Love Wrestling. We happened to be on the same stream playing some Jackbox or something like that. I thought he was a lot of fun, so I hit that follow button, as they say , and the rest is history. I was immediately impressed. Alex has a natural ability to make the most of any spot he’s given and stand out on your screen. It’s not easy to find someone who can excel in as many different areas as Alex does. Naturally, I had to get a spotlight on him here. We chat about his start in the business, what it was like to be part of Effy’s Big Gay Bunch, and much more. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s Get to Know the one and only Alex Maze!

At what moment did you realize you wanted to be in the wrestling business?

The moment I got invested in the product. It’s when I realized that it was acting with physicality, so pretty much when I started watching wrestling regularly, when I was 14.

How did you get started in wrestling?

Ever since I started watching regularly, I wanted to join, but at first, my family looked down upon it, and there were no schools close by. I started when I was much older, when I was an adult and I was in a dark place personally. I wasn’t happy with my life. I had a terrible job, and all my friends were happy, getting married, and having children. So I decided to realize my lifelong dream.

Who would you say is your biggest influence in wrestling?

Growing up, and still to this day, I’ve always loved the fun characters and silly characters. I’ve been also inspired by the wrestlers that looked like me, who aren’t tall nor that muscular. I’ve always been a fan of the women, because they weren’t necesarly the biggest but still could look strong. So: Trish Stratus, The Hurricane, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison are my biggest influence in wrestling.

But now as a wrestler, I have to say Shayne Hawke and Speedball Mike Bailey. Shayne because he has such a precise mind about wrestling and knows things to the T. As for Speedball, he showed me how far you can go and that you can keep going.

It’s hard to just have one favorite wrestler. Who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling?

My Mount Rushmore isn’t necessarily my favourite wrestlers, but in my mind: Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Undertaker, Stone Cold

Who is currently your favorite wrestler?

I love Speedball Mike Bailey. I’m a bit biased with him being one of my trainers, but he’s always bringing bangers. Otherwise, I love the Miz. He’s awesome and deserves more praise than he was given. Ricochet also is a name I admire. And Matt Cardona, who was able to reinvent himself.

What one match of yours that you are most proud of?

I’d say when Kristara and I won the IWS Tag Team Championship, because it was raw emotions. It was us getting the approval and with the crowd reaction it was magical.

The second one would be my debut at the Big Gay Brunch last September. Ashton Starr was a real friend in this match. He let me and Phan’esse shine and let it be our match.

Effy has said he’s very selective of who gets booked on The Big Gay Brunch Cards. What was it like to receive the invitation to be on the card?

I felt honored to be invited to last year’s Effy’s Big Gay Brunch. This was something I wanted to cross off the bucket list, and to be chosen to represent my community and show my own colours to the world. Hopefully, I delivered and get the opportunity to go back very soon.

Around the time of your match at Effys Big Gay Brunch. We had also seen #HireAlexMaze taking over Social Media. What goes through your mind when you see such massive support for your work?

Well, you have to follow the masses sometimes. I feel grateful for the support I get online and in person. I remembered feeling overwhelmed seeing this wave of love from the fans and maybe it’ll get more eyes on me.

Do you prefer tag team wrestling, as you and Kristara have been wildly successful or singles competition, which you are just as successful at as well? What is the preparation process like or is it the same?

Can I say I love both? It’s a different experience working with a tag team partner as wonderful as Kristara is. She has my back and I’ve got hers. I know I can count on her, and even if I’m tired or suffering I know I’m fighting for two and that she’s there to support me. Working with Kristara gets me out of my shell and lets me enjoy it.

I love working singles too. I like getting the attention. Working with Kristara, I need to share, while by myself I need to rely on my own skills and focus on my strengths to overcome my opponent. Working in singles gets me out of my comfort zone, where I need to work harder, which I love. So two different perspectives that I love.

Who would you want to face in your dream match?

There are so many possibilities. On the international side of things, I would love to face Speedball Mike Bailey or Johnny TV, or as a team against Bussy or Matt Cardona/Steph De Lanter while teaming as Amazingly Sweet; I would love to face Ashlton Starr again. Or, let’s be wild, Will Ospray, even if I’m really not on that level yet. Locally, I would love to face Frank Milano, Leon Saver again, or Fight or Flight teaming with Kristara.

Who’s that up and coming wrestler no one is talking about but should be?

Well, as a trainer at the IWS Training Center, I have to say my students! Otherwise, my good friend Kristara is amazing and she’s gonna go so far. Fresh Air, even if they defeated us for the tag team titles, the world is theirs. Nathan Yarymovich doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Sam Kelly, even if she doubts it, is awesome. 

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about getting into wrestling?

Don’t compare yourself to others. We all learn in different ways and grow in different ways.

Favorite venue you have performed in?

Olympia in Montreal

What’s your prematch routine or superstitions?

I need to pee a lot! I go over my match many, many times, as much as I have to. And remember to have fun.

I’m sure the car rides are long so what’s on your playlist?

The fun part about being the driver, my playlist is full of musical and pop music. When it’s a really long drive, I put on a 2000s playlist so I can sing along.

What food spot are you hitting up while on the road? What are you ordering?

Even on the road, I try to be careful with my diet, so I still try to eat healthy. I try to get some Subway if I can, or if I could cook.

ORRRRR I go all out and don’t care and go full CHEAT MEAL.

What do you say to the people who say wrestling is fake?

I tell them it’s planned, but falling hurts. That chair shot still hurts, but we make it so we don’t get hurt. It’s like a movie or a play.

What is the one thing you would change about the wrestling business?

The generic point of view. People who don’t watch wrestling look down on it, but it’s an entertainment form like movies, music and theater. I would like it to have its own platform in the general public. What I mean is, sports news doesn’t talk about us, arts people don’t talk about our events. The ones who talk about it are specific to it.

If you weren’t in the wrestling business what would you be doing?

A pop star.

What are your goals for 2024?

I want to wrestle more and travel more. I really need to go back to the Big Gay Brunch. Also, this year I would like to wrestle West.

When it’s time to hang them up, what do you hope people will say about your wrestling career?

That I made it a better place to be who you are. That wrestling is open to everyone and everyone is welcome. I hope also that my work as a trainer follows through.

Where can the fans see you perform next?

In March I will be part of the Fatal 4 Way Ladder War for the IWS Tag Team Championship at Olympia March 2, 2024 teaming with Kristara available on Thriller+

I’ll be also wrestling in March around Montreal for NCW. 

What can the fans expect when they come out and see you live in person?

A spectacle, to be AMAZE-d. High-flying, high-energy, positive energy and maybe me being dressed up!

Where can fans go to follow you on social media?

You can follow me @TheAlexMaze on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You can also follow me in the streets, and you can find me wherever IWS is.

This was another fun conversation and all the thanks goes to Alex Maze for his time! Make sure you give him a follow across all social media and catch Maze live next time he’s in a city near you. As always, keep it locked in here for more Get To Knows featuring more of your favorite independent wrestlers from across the world.

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