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Chelsea Green on her work with the Vancouver Canucks: “It Means Everything”

by Spencer Love

Friday, January 5th wasn’t just the first Smackdown Live of 2024, but marked WWE’s return to Vancouver, British Columbia. It was the promotion’s first event in BC since September 2022. However, for Chelsea Green, it marked the Victoria native’s first opportunity to wrestle in her home province through her two stints with the WWE.

Through her second run with the promotion, Green hasn’t just excelled inside the ring, but been a focal point of the WWE’s growth above the 49th parallel. Over the past few months, the Hot Mess has made appearances with both the Vancouver Canaucks and BC Lions of the CFL as an ambassador for the WWE.

Green – who, last year, became the first British Columbian since Earthquake to perform at WrestleMania – discussed her experiences working with both franchises, as well as her goal of growing professional wrestling above the border.

“I mean, it means everything,” Green exclaimed on her work with the two franchises. “I don’t think anyone actually realizes how much it means to me. In Canada we just really only have hockey.

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It’s so hockey-centric. I understand we have MLS teams. We have an NBA team, we have an MLB team, but hockey is our thing.
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“So, we all grow up idolizing these hockey players, and I just want to give the people of not only Victoria, or BC, but the people of Canada as something else to love and watch and cheer for and support. To be able to go and maybe, maybe educate some Canucks fans, and some Lions fans on what we do here at WWE.

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“I’m hoping that on January 5, when we do come to Rogers Arena, that maybe I’ll have drawn in a couple of new fans and, and got them to watch WWE, and maybe they’ll fall in love with it.”

Thankfully, not only was the January 5th Smackdown the highest-grossing WWE event in the history of the Vancouver market, but Green was able to have her first match in BC with the WWE, taking on Bianca Belair in a dark match.

Earlier this year, Love Wrestling chatted with Kevin Owens about another famous Canuck, Bruce Boudreau, and their experience at the NHL Draft.

Tune in to the full interview with Chelsea Green on Love Wrestling


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