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‘Dynamite Kid’ Tommy Billington Passes Away at 60

by Spencer Love

Wrestling icon Tommy Billington, best known as the Dynamite Kid, has passed away on what would have been his 60th birthday.

Billington was renowned worldwide for his influence on professional wrestling.

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 Bret Hart, who wrestled Billington in both Stampede Wrestling and the WWF, said of the Dynamite Kid “pound-for-pound, (he’s) the greatest wrestler who ever lived.”

Since his debut in 1975, the Dynamite Kid wowed audiences with his innovative style and incredible athleticism. In 1978, Billington moved to Calgary to train with wrestling legend Stu Hart, where he established himself as one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world. His time with Stampede was legendary; feuds with both Bruce and Bret Hart brought worldwide recognition to the promotion and allowed the Dynamite Kid to wrestle some of the finest talents in the industry, including a legendary feud with Tiger Mask in the mid-’80s brought about due to Stampede’s partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In 1984, Billington officially signed with the WWE, where both he and Davey Boy Smith would establish themselves as one of the top tag teams in the WWF, the British Bulldogs. At WrestleMania II, the Bulldogs captured the WWF Tag Team Championships, giving Billington his only championship gold in the promotion.

Unfortunately, health issues plagued the Dynamite Kid throughout his career, eventually necessitating the use of a wheelchair. Billington’s final match came in 1996.

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Win Column Sports send their condolences to the family of the Dynamite Kid.

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