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Longest Title Reigns in LPW History

by Ryan Gagne

LPW held its first show on Oct. 15, 2021, at the Rec Room in South Edmonton Common. Since the promotion will celebrate two years of being a trendsetter in the industry with LPW 20: Planet Slammet, Janet, on Oct. 27, 2023, we thought it time to look back at the longest title reigns. 

Despite showcasing some of the best talent in Western Canada every month, only nine wrestlers have earned gold in LPW. Considering the Grand Championship and Scramble Championship are both up for grabs at the LPW 20, the next winner of any title will become the 10th title holder in the promotion’s history. 

Whether you are new to LPW, a season ticket holder, or just reminiscing about past wrestling moments, here’s the list of longest title reigns in company history. 

Travis Williams – Challenge Championship (23+ Days)

At LPW 19 on Sept. 29, 2023, Travis Williams won his first title in the promotion, defeating Son of Irish for the Challenge Championship. Williams will not be on the LPW 20 card as of this writing, meaning his first title defense could come at the November event. 

Para Lira – Tag Team Championship (150+ Days)

Para Lira, which consists of Berat Gorani and Sheik Shabaz, have been LPW tag champions since defeating The RADz (Larry Woods and Rich King) at LPW 15 on May 26, 2023. After ending The RADz reign, they have defended the titlesagainst Levi Night and Mo Jabari (LPW 15), the team of Michael Allen Richard Clark and Shaun Moore (LPW 18), Ride or Die (LPW 19), as well as LPW x CWS #5 against Eli Surge and Jared Rogers. Currently, Para Lira is less than 60 days from setting a new record as the longest-reigning tag team champions. 

Mitch Clarke – Challenge Championship (170 Days)

Mitch Clarke became the second-ever Challenge Champion by dethroning Taryn from Accounting on Aug. 27, 2022, at LPW 7. While holding the gold for 170 days, he had five title defenses, including a triple threat match in his first match as champion, defeating Chris Perish and Son of Irish. Furthermore, his other victories came against TY Jackson, Shaun Moore, Williams, and Son of Irish. Unfortunately, on Feb. 13, 2023, Clarke had to vacate the Challenge Championship, prematurely ending his reign.

Jack Pride – Scramble Championship (177+ Days)

Jack Pride remains the first and only Scramble champion in LPW history, with a reign surpassing 177 days at the time of his writing. After winning the belt in a match against Gorani, Surge, Liiza Hall, Michael Richard Blais, and Steven Crowe on Apr. 28, 2023, he’s been an active champion with four title defenses. 

Since claiming the belt six months ago, the list of competitors who have tried and failed to dethrone Pride include Rogers, Jabari, Reid Matthews, Taryn From Accounting, Woods, Marz the Specialist, Blais, King, Crowe, TJ Cannon, Jackson, Dean Richtor, Riley Cruz, and Will Mantla. 

The RADz – Tag Team Championship (209 Days)

Woods and King became the promotion’s first-ever tag team champions by winning a tournament final four-way match on Oct. 28, 2022, at LPW 9. Ultimately, The RADz outlasted The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra/Harv Sihra), The Clandestine Society (Crowe/Taryn), and Para Lira (Gorani/Shabaz).

During their 209-day reign, they had three title defenses, defeating The Bollywood Boyz at LPW X, Para Lira at LPW 11, and Se7en (Marz/Cannon) at LPW 14. Eventually, Para Lira struck gold on their third attempt, drafting The RADZ, ending LPW’s fifth-longest championship reign after seven months. 

Son of Irish – Challenge Championship (217 Days)

As mentioned, there was a vacancy for the Challenge Championship in February 2023, which Son of Irish captured at LPW 12 with a win over Blais. Despite being the most recent champion to lose a title, dropping the belt to Williams at LPW 19, Son of Irish was busy with at least one title defense a month. 

Ultimately, several of the promotion’s top stars took a shot at the Challenge Championship, including Artemis Spencer, Jabari, Clarke, Reid Matthews, Amir Jordan, Cannon, Gigi Rey, and Marz, before Williams secured a pinfall victory over Son of Irish in September 2023. 

Michael Richard Blais – Grand Championship (245 Days)

Blais became the first-ever Grand champion by winning a ladder match over Randy Myers and Williams at LPW 4 on May 27, 2022. As the top title holder in the company, Blais was busy defending his championship over the seven months, defeating Clarke, Bobby Sharp, Pride, Nicole Matthews, and Mark Wheeler. 

Until October 2023, Blais had the second-longest title reign in company history at 245 days, eventually losing his spot to the superstar who defeated him at LPW 11, Zoë Sager. 

Zoë Sager – Grand Championship (268+ Days)

Sager is LPW’s longest-reigning active champion, capturing the Grand Championship on Jan. 27, 2023, with nine title defenses through September 2023. After defeating Blais, Sager defeated Crowe and Nicole Matthews in back-to-back events before winning a triple threat match at LPW 14 against Michael Allen Richard Clark, and Jackson. 

Since May, she’s picked up additional wins against Sebastian Wolfe and Jackson before escaping a Three Stages of Hell match against Gigi Rey at LPW 17. Lately, Sager’s title defenses include victories over Williams, Surge, and Judas Icarus in his LPW debut in September. 

Taryn From Accounting – Challenge Championship – 316 Days

As of October 2023, only one wrestler has held an LPW championship for over 300 days, who also happens to be the promotion’s first champion, Taryn From Accounting. During LPW’s first show on Oct. 15, 2021, Taryn won a Pinnacle Rumble Match, defeating Perish, Gorani, Davey O’Doyle, Kyle Sebastian, Woods, King, Crowe, Sydney Steeler, and The Canadian Goose. 

Although she did not have a title match until the following March (2022) at LPW 2, Taryn defended the belt six times after that, picking up wins against Crowe, Perish, Nicole Matthews, Rachael Ellering, and Sager. Interestingly, on Aug. 26, 2002, at LPW 7, she defeated Veda Scott early in the night, only to lose later to Clarke in the promotion’s first title change. 

Upcoming LPW Events

Although there has been only one title change since May, there’s no telling what can happen at the next LPW show, especially with the Challenge and Scramble Championships routinely defended. Whether you need to renew your season tickets or are debating about coming out for the first time, don’t miss out on your chance to catch LPW live at Rec Room at South Edmonton Common. 

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