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LPW x CWS #7 Results | September 28, 2023

by Ryan Gagne

On Thursday night, in front of a rowdy crowd at the Rec Room in South Edmonton Common, the LPW and Clandestine Society stars collided in another entertaining night of professional wrestling. Whether fans were cheering the faces of the heels, there were a handful of exciting matches and a lot of build-up for Friday night’s super card, LPW #19 Speedball Strikes First.

So, if anyone missed the events that transpired at LPW x CWS #7, here’s a recap of the action from Thursday night. 

TY Jackson lassos “The Rhinestone Cowboy” Steven Crowe in the night’s opening match

On Thursday night, TY Jackson secured a three-count win over The Rhinestone Cowboy Steven Crowe, about 24 hours before his big showdown with “The Thickness” Reid Matthews. Ultimately, in a tune-up match before his opportunity to challenge for the LPW Grand Championship with a victory over Matthews, Jackson overcame a vibrant effort from Crowe, who nearly got the pin on several occasions. 

At first, the two opponents felt each out with some holds, taking things slow before exchanging offensive attacks, with Jackson executing a dive through the ropes, landing with Crowe several rows into the crowd. Surprisingly, upon returning to the ring, Crowe controlled the pace, connecting on a knee from the top rope and gaining two near falls, unable to keep Jackson’s shoulder pinned for a three count. After The Good, The Bad and The Ugly failed, Jackson countered and secured the win with a backflip from the top rope. 

Zoë Sager and Reid Matthews Talk Smack

Immediately following Jackson’s exit from the ring, LPW Grand Champion Zoë Sager and her bodyguard Matthews gave the audience an impromptu promo. During her time with the mic, with several in the crowd booing, she outlined her plan to remain the champion and never lose her title, especially to someone like Judas Icarus, her opponent on Friday night. 

Hilariously, The Se7en’s Jack Pride and Marz the Specialist cut Sager’s time short, coming out to discuss their plans to show the crowd who is the better LPW champion after the night’s main event. Considering that Pride currently holds the Scramble Championship, he said he’s always on guard because his opponents can be anyone, unlike Sager, who gets match announcements months in advance. Besides the back-and-forth bickering amongst the superstars, the segment ended without Marz acknowledging that he had to fight Matthews later in the evening. 

Taryn From Accounting Dominates Jared Rodgers in Front of His Family

As wrestling fans know, there’s nothing more certain than death, taxes, and Taryn From Accounting embarrassing an opponent in front of friends and family. Unfortunately, on Thursday night, Jared Rodgers could not mount much offense against Taryn, who survived the match’s first pinfall attempt and squashed every other attack that came her way. 

After several grappling holds to begin the contest, Taryn took control of the match from the early going, and anytime the crowd felt Rodgers building momentum, she put him back on the mat. Eventually, with a divided crowd of fans cheering on both wrestlers, Taryn taunted Rodger’s family at ringside. Surprisingly, the two combatants stayed down for a seven count, but that was only a minor setback as Taryn hit her Number Cruncher to collect the pin and the win. 

Wolfboy Will Mantla loses a David vs. Goliath-style match to Berat Gorani

As one-half of the current LPW tag team champions, Berat Gorani (Para Lira) waltzed into his contest with Wolfboy Will Mantla, using his towering size to his advantage in what turned out to be a complete mismatch between the ropes. Although Mantla did manage to get in some offense, making Gorani stumble at times, his best efforts only earned him the night’s nearest fall at two and a half. 

Of course, Gorani played up his status as one of the promotion’s biggest heels by posing while stepping on Mantla’s chest for a pinfall attempt early in the match. Besides scoring a fantastic neck breaker from the top rope, his first attempt at a pump-up powerbomb failed with a counter before nailing it on the second try, getting the three count.

Unsurprisingly, Gorani then took the mic and told the crowd that Para Lira would not be losing their tag titles to anyone from the Clandestine Society and was going to give everyone a taste of what was to come with another attack on Mantla after the bell. Luckily, Taryn and Crowe came rushing out to the ring, scaring Gorani into the crowd and planting a seed of doubt a night before the two teams hook up for the tag titles. 

Sager and Mathews Cheat Their Way to Another Victory

Despite the main event on Thursday night not being a championship bout, the LPW Grand and Scramble titles factored heavily into the match’s outcome. After the opening bell, Marz took the brunt of the beating from Sager and Matthews, who managed to sneak in some shady moves while referee Judge Ben Ooman wasn’t looking. Whether using the ropes to their advantage or pulling his hair, Marz could not make a tag from the other side of the ring, spending what seemed like an eternity away from his partner, Pride. 

After several tags from both teams, the match erupted into a four-way, with everyone participating, executing moves with their partners, and trying to get the pin by any means necessary. Eventually, Sager kicked out of the closest pin attempt in the match, which led to Matthews escaping ringside with Pride’s Scramble Championship belt. While chaos ensued outside, Sager used her Grand Championship title as a weapon, hitting Marz in the head and discarding the belt in time for the referee to return to the ring and count the fall. Ultimately, this match could have had a different outcome if Se7en’s manager Thaddeus Archer the Third had been at ringside to cut down on the champion cheating her way into another unearned victory.

Upcoming LPW Events

LPW is set to host their biggest event of the year on Friday night, with Impact’s Speedball Mike Bailey set to take on God’s Gift to Wrestling Michael Richard Blais. Although there are seven other matches on the card, this will be the main event, with two of professional wrestling’s best going head-to-head in front of a sold-out auditorium. 

Check out the preview for LPW 19: Speedball Strikes First here.

LPW 19: Speedball Strikes First! 👉 https://bit.ly/3DWysVT

LPW x EOK: The Oil Rumble 👉 https://bit.ly/48b0nz5


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