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Warrior Wrestling 31 Preview

by John Bauer

Warrior Wrestling 31 is happening this Friday night in my hometown of South Bend, IN and I’m going be there once again. This will be the 4th time Warrior has made its way to South Bend and I’ve had an absolute blast every single time. I fully expect this time around to be no different. 

Now, I will help you navigate this loaded card and get you ready for one of my favorite independent wrestling promotions on the planet.

Sabin Gauge vs. Koda Hernandez

Here’s a matchup I don’t know a ton about, but I’m definitely excited to get more familiar with both talents. They have been on past Warrior cards and showed out, so I fully expect nothing less here. This has the making of a breakout performance from these up-and-comers.

Jordan Kross vs. Jack Vaughn

The Punk Rock Prince looks to keep his undefeated Warrior streak alive against Jack Vaughn, a star in OVW. Talk about your classic clash of styles; the up-and-coming Kross is the epitome of DIY heart and soul, and that has caused him to thrive on the independent scene. As for his opponent, Vaughn, his style is very “professional.” He doesn’t care for the next generation of Super Indie talent that he comes across. Vaughn will be doing whatever it takes to stop the momentum Kross has built throughout 2023, but he will not slap the thigh!

Skye Blue vs. Trevor Outlaw

Skye Blue is a fan favorite at Warrior Wrestling and one I believe most would love to see crowned Warrior Women’s Champion one day. (Hint, hint.) Let’s get Blue vs. Athena ASAP! Friday will not be that day, as she’s up against everyone’s favorite punching bag, Trevor Outlaw. There are few things more enjoyable than watching Frank The Clown take a beating, so here’s hoping Skye Blue continues her winning ways in Warrior Wrestling.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Storm Grayson

This is one of the issues with the Warrior show; there is so much Frank The Clown, as he and his group seem to be involved in every single thing that goes on. A Storm Grayson match is no different, except for the fact that I truly enjoy Grayson in the ring. I think if he can ever get out of the shadow of Frank and Warrior Champion KC Navarro, he could make some set waves. 

Well, beating a man like Takeshita, who has beaten Kenny Omega three times, plus Ibushi and Jericho, all over the span of a few months, could do just that. A big win could force the hand of Warrior management and put Grayson in line for a shot at the top prize held by stablemate KC Navarro.

Racheal Armstrong vs. Missa Kate

This matchup has me all sorts of excited, as I think Kate and Armstrong are incredibly talented. Missa Kate has been tearing it up in the NWA, even holding Tag Team Gold at one point with Madi Wrenkoski. Armstrong has been on the rise, having banger after banger on the indies in 2023 after matches with Allie Katch, Xia Brookside, and Miyu Yamashita. She looks to get herself off to a strong start in Warrior Wrestling in her debut.

KC Navarro vs Encore Moore: Warrior Wrestling Championship

There has been tension between the Champ and Frank The Clown for a few shows now, so much so that there will be an FTC Family meeting of sorts to hopefully get on the same page. That said, there is no denying that KC and Frank have come up with a formula that doesn’t seem to miss. No one has been able to beat Truly Blessed to this point. Even after some miscommunications and Matt Cardona throwing everything he had at him in the Stadium Series, Navarro left Chicago as champ. 

Enter Encore Moore, who admittedly I’m not too familiar with, but I have heard nothing but positives about him. All I know is if he can overcome the numbers game Navarro and Frank like to play, and maybe a miscue or two in the Family Meeting, we could be looking at a new Warrior champion. That is certainly a tall, tall task.

Mike Santana vs. Bryan Keith

Before we get into this, remember, friends, “Card Subject to Change.” I’m bummed too that Eddie Kingston couldn’t make the show, but oh my GAWD did they deliver a stellar replacement. Santana is back at Warrior, and if you don’t remember the banger he had with Speedball Mike Bailey at WW 19, you need to check that out.

He takes on one of, if not the hottest name in independent wrestling, Bryan Keith. The Bounty Hunter just received incredibly high praise from another AEW star in Bryan Danielson after his match with Hangman Page. Can Keith take down the AEW star in South Bend in his first time at Warrior, in what looks to be your main event? I have to say yes. If you are reading this and you haven’t already jumped headfirst onto the Keith train, you should do so now. The guy is a bona fide star! 

Well, friends, that’s Warrior 31, set for this Friday night at the Bendix Arena in South Bend. If you are in attendance, come by and say hi, I’d love to meet you. If you are watching on Fite+, keep an eye out for me. As always, I cannot wait to see what Warrior has in store. They always put on a great show.

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