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Ben Oomen

by Staff
Quick Hits

Hometown: Sherwood Park, Alberta

Nicknames: “Judge”

Alliances & Factions: Manager of The RADz, Love Pro Wrestling Senior Official

Trainers: Massive Damage, The Irishman, & Kevin Laurin

Championship History as Manager

1x LPW Challenge Champion (Mitch Clarke)

1x LPW Tag Team Champion (Rich King & Larry Woods)

1x Canam Stu Hart Heavyweight Title (Mitch Clarke)

1x CanAm Tag Team Champion (Rich King & Larry Woods)

1x BEW Y Division Champion (Mitch Clarke)

1x BEW National Tag Titles (Rich King & Larry Woods)


‘Judge’ Ben Oomen first broke into the wrestling business in January 2016, training under the guidance of Massive Damage and MPW veteran referee Kevin Laurin. Judge’s referee career didn’t fully flourish until December 2019c when he debuted with the highly secretive ‘Clandestine Society invite-only show. 

Since then, ‘Judge’ Ben Oomen has worked with nearly every single promotion to run in the Canadian prairies, becoming the most active and traveled referee working in the province. 

Oomen’s career took a 180-degree turn in May 2022, when Ben joined forces with long-time industry allies Mitch Clarke, Larry Woods, Rich King, and eventually TY Jackson, establishing the team of “The RADz”. Since then, Ben remains LPW senior official but represents The RADz and their climb to the top of LPW’s ranks. 

Career Highlights
  • Has refereed for every independent promotion that has hosted events in Edmonton & Calgary over the past 8 years
  • Managed his faction “The RADz” to a combined total of 11 championship reigns 
  • Has officiated in such historic venues as the Victoria Pavilion (home of Stampede Wrestling) and The Scotiabank Saddledome
  • Has refereed for multiple promotions on TV
  • Founding member of Love Pro Wrestling

Twitter: @RefJudgeOomen

Instagram: @judge.referee

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