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Brian Pillman Jr on the New Hart Foundation, Teddy’s Release

by Spencer Love

The pressure that comes with being a second-generation professional wrestler is one that few can understand; however, it’s one that Brian Pillman Jr has handled with poise since entering the wrestling ring just over two years ago. However, since signing with Major League Wrestling, Pillman has had the good fortune to work with two fellow legacy wrestlers in Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. As the New Hart Foundation, the now-duo has not only turned heads for their in-ring work but the chemistry they possess.

Recently, Pillman Jr joined Spencer Love on the Conversations With Love podcast to chat about signing with Major League Wrestling, the impact of working with the New Hart Foundation, and the effect that Teddy Hart’s release had on the group.

Signing with MLW:

“So a lot of people want to give credit to my name and all of that, but if you really look at it, I really had some really good qualities going into my work and into myself. I don’t think that anybody’s taking that away from me now. I think people definitely see the value in me now, and they’re starting to wake up to the fact that I’m not Brian Pillman Jr, but I am Brian F**king Pillman Jr.”

Working with the New Hart Foundation:

“It’s insane. It’s incredible. It’s incredible to have not only that legacy and that pedigree of the Hart Foundation, that awesome name, but also they’re awesome. Not just the name, but they’re another example of guys that are not only taking a name but also taking the ball and running with it.

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They kind of set the groundwork for me, they kind of paved the way so that guys like me can be good wrestlers and can get really good. It isn’t just about the name, they’re really frickin’ good.”

How Teddy Hart’s release impacted the New Hart Foundation:

“It’s definitely a good dynamic now because it gives me and Davey Boy a time to shine and show who we are, because maybe Teddy, while he was such a good leader and impressive athlete, maybe he took up too much of the shine from us that maybe now we can start to look good. At the same time, that’s not the best situation.

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The best situation would be to have him with us here still. When the Hart Foundation, when it was the three of us, we were producing the clueless vignettes, we had so much friendship going on, so I definitely don’t see it as a positive that he’s gone. I feel that’s a huge negative, but in the same way, it’s not as bad as what I would have thought.

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I would have thought ‘oh my god, we’re screwed, what are we going to do now?’ That is totally not the case.”

“I think who I am is majorly influenced by Teddy and Harry and the whole Hart Foundation. I think that they’ve helped create who I am. My path would have been totally different if I didn’t take this path for sure. They definitely have a huge influence on who I am as a performer.”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling for any transcription usage.

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