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Tyson Dux on his Kenny vs. Spenny Appearances

by Spencer Love

In 2008, Canadian pro wrestler Tyson Dux made an appearance on the popular television show Kenny vs. Spenny as part of their “Who’s the Best Pro Wrestler?” episode. Not only did Dux make a memorable appearance on the show, but has continued his feud with Spencer “Spenny” Rice since the episode aired.

Recently, Dux joined me to discuss appearing on the show, as well as his continued “feud” with Rice.

On his appearance on Kenny vs. Spenny:

“It’s funny how things work. My business is always worked through professional wrestling, and I’ve gotten roles and different kinds of opportunities in different kinds of markets, but it’s always been linked by somebody through professional wrestling. This time it was the Megan boys, the twins Jian and Page, who are great dudes out of Toronto. I’ve always gotten along really well with them. They said ‘hey, we really want to get you to be a part of this project,’ because they have – they get a lot of good business up in the Toronto areaway.”

“So, the first call they made was to me to be the trainer for Spenny. It was two days of probably – it was the oddest, the weirdest, and probably one of the most memorable moments. I don’t know if it was the most fun, I had a lot of fun though. It was a great time, let me tell you, working with both Kenny and Spenny on their show. I got free movies and popcorn for probably a year and a half after the fact because every student that was working at Cineplex knew who I was, and it was just so easy to get in for free so that was quite a bonus for me.

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His continued feud with Spencer “Spenny” Rice:

“The funny thing is Spenny messages me from time to time because if you could tell by the show or anybody who hasn’t seen the show, Spenny is a massive, massive wrestling fan. Like the old, old school stuff.

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Like, anything with the Sheik, and Giant Baba and all these old guys is what he grew up on at Maple Leaf Gardens and stuff like that.”

“So Spenny’s a huge, huge wrestling fan, so anywhere Spenny can kind of weasel himself into a show, he’s going to do it. To the point now where, in the past, anybody would talk to Kenny vs. Spenny, they’d be almost star-struck by those two guys.

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Now, it’s almost on the other side for me, When I see a message from Spenny I’m like ‘oh, God, here comes Spencer again! I wonder what he want’s now! What show does he want me to get him on now?’”

Please credit Spencer Love/Love Wrestling with any transcriptions used. 

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